8 Best Solar Attic Fan in 2021 Review & Buying Guide

A quality solar attic fan can manage to drop the temperature up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, providing you with optimum room temperature without even bothering you. Moreover, a solar attic fan is a one-time low investment that lasts for decades without demanding any replacements.

The only catch here is- not every attic fan is built similarly. Some of them might fail to meet your expectations. However, don’t worry at all. We’ve got your back.

After performing a tonne of research on the solar attic fans available in the market we’ve made a list of the best. This list will help you to pick the most ideal option without wasting much time.

To decide the ideal solar attic fan, you should have at least a rough idea about the comparing factors. Looking at the factors mentioned below will give you a better idea about what to look for.  

Coverage Area

Every attic fan provides you with a specific coverage range. In such a case, you should make sure that the attic fan you’re considering should easily control the temperature of your place. The coverage area of the fan is primarily dependent on the motor wattage it comes with.

A fan with a high wattage motor will cover more area as compared to the low wattage. However, a high wattage motor demands more energy too. Your solar power might fail to provide much power on cloudy days or you might’ve to pay much on electric bills if plugged in with a power supply. 

You should look at the motor wattage, the area covered, and the fan speed of the solar attic fan to have better insight.

Wall-Mounted Vs Roof-Mounted

Every solar attic fan is either one of these types- Wall-Mounted Vs Roof-Mounted. It is totally up to you who’ll be more appropriate for your needs.

The Wall-mounted attic fans are easy to install and don’t have to bear those rough weather environments directly. Moreover, these fans cost less than the roof-mounted attic fans.

Roof-mounted fans require a vent in the attic. They’re more energy-efficient as the solar panel is installed along with them. 

You might need a detailed insight on other important factors of the fan as well. This is why we’ve included a “Buying Guide” at the bottom of this article for convenience.

But, now, it’s time to begin the best solar attic fan hunt.

8 Best Solar Attic Fan in 2021

Best Solar Attic Fan in 2021: Reviews

1. Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Starting with the most loved solar attic fan. NaturalLight’s products have started to experience hype recently. And its solar attic fan is one of the main reasons behind it. 

It is a roof-mounted solar attic fan that looks aesthetic and built with quality material. The stainless steel ensures utmost durability and gives a long life span to the fan. Thus, there’s no need to worry about these harsh weather conditions.

The intriguing part about the Natural Light fan is its powerful motor. Its high torque motor of 48 Watts acts like a sweet spot that’s powerful and doesn’t demand much energy. Moreover, this power offers 1881CFM of venting capacity to cover a large attic area of 2,825 sq ft.

Warranty periods of the products are often a game-changer. This is why the Natural Light company provides you with 25 long years of warranty. You just need to install it and forget about the heat in the attic.

The company doesn’t include a thermostat with the package. However, Natural Light does sell thermostats separately for convenience.


  • 48 Watts powerful motor
  • Aesthetic and stylish look
  • 25 years Warranty period


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2. Remington Solar Attic Fan

Remington Solar Attic Fan

The next attic fan is super simple and will even save your money on hiring a professional. The Remington Solar Attic has many things under the sleeves that make it worth considering.

Starting with the appearance, which will grab everyone’s attention. The attic fan is built with steel for durability and comes with an aesthetic design. You can also choose your favourite model between black and grey colour.

The power feats of the Remington Fan is also up to the mark. Its 20 Watts motor will be the perfect partner for small to medium-sized attic, houses, and greenhouse areas. Here you’ll get a 1280 CFM of fan speed that’ll easily handle a large area of 2,000sqft.

The Remington solar attic fan is also available in different wattages (20, 25, 30 Watts). You can pick the most relevant power fan according to your needs.

It is equipped with a brushless motor to provide you with an ‘install and forget’ experience. There’s no need to replace the brush of the motor after every frequent year. Also, this brushless characteristic produces zero to minimal sound for distraction-free living/working.

The fan’s built-in thermostat and humidistat is another intriguing feature that adds more points to the overall product. It automatically fights with heat and over-humidity of the attic according to the type of environment.

Remington solar attic fan lets you worry-free shopping by providing a 15-year replaceable guarantee. Which, no doubt, is a decent time when it comes to solar attic fans.


  • Brushless motor
  • Aesthetic and stylish look
  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat


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3. QuietCool Solar Attic Fan

QuietCool Solar Attic Fan

Starting with the intriguing power factor. The QuietCool solar attic fan is equipped with 30Watts of powerful motors. Having this power on the roof of your attic will ensure the ideal temperature of any medium to large attics. 

Here’s the best part of the QuietCool fan, it comes with an AC/DC inverter. The DC works just fine with the sunlight but doesn’t ensure the same performance in all weather. You can use the AC inverter here as a secondary power source in summer nights and low sunlight weather.

The fan speed of the QuietCool for both DC and AC power is more than enough. You can easily expect a high fan speed of 1486CFM while using a solar panel. On the other hand,  1320 CFM will work just fine with any AC power supply.

The durability and sturdiness factor of the fan is quite ahead as compared to the other competitors. It is equipped with a complete metal body that makes the fan heavy and provides long life to it. 

Additionally, the weight of the fan doesn’t lead to any flaw at all. You can easily install the QuietCool fan with very minimal effort. Also, you can adjust and tilt the solar panel up to 60 degrees according to your needs.

At last, the QuietCool company also provides you with a warranty period of 15 long years. Thus, no room left for any worries.


  • Can be operated with AC supply as well
  • Complete metal body
  • 15 years warranty period


  • The motor produces some sound

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4. Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

Looking for a budget-friendly option but don’t want to compromise the quality? In such a case, ignoring the Amtrak Solar Powerful Attic fan is next to impossible. You’ll get powerful feats without leaving the comfort of your ideal price range.

The blades of this fan are 14 inches medium-sized. Its high torque motor comes with exceptionally high power of 50 Watts, which can easily cover a large area of 2250Sq ft.

The large coverage area is not only optimum for the medium-sized attic but for also large attics and workplaces as well. However, the motor of this fan does generate some noise to provide a 50 Wattage of power supply. 

The Amtrak solar attic fan doesn’t require much hassle and energy to set it. In addition to the actual product, you also receive installation materials (wires and brackets) as well. Thus, no need to spend extra money at all.

Still, concerned about the quality of considering a budget-friendly product? Amtrak solar attic fan comes with a long warranty period of 25 years. This shows the beliven of a company in its top-notch product. 


  • 50 Watts powerful motor
  • Budget Pick
  • 25 years Warranty period


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5. ECO-WORTHY Solar Attic Fan

ECO-WORTHY Solar Attic Fan

Another budget-friendly pick on the list. The ECO-WORTHY solar attic fan would be a preferable option if you’re setting a low budget and expecting up to the mark quality. Let us inspect further.

The ECOWORTHY’’s constant efficiency even in low voltage conditions will be always appreciable. It comes with a low motor voltage of 4V only. Thus, providing you with the same temperature even during low sunlight weathers.

This wall-mounted solar attic fan is super simple to install. It’ll only take 15-30 minutes of your work before maintaining the optimum temperature throughout the years. Moreover, you’ll also receive additional items such as solar cables, brackets, etc for an easy setup process.

This 25 Watts solar fan is just the right pick for small to medium-sized attics and garages. Its motor can easily produce a 1200 CFM of fan speed. Thus, you’ll observe a drop in the temperature till the end of the day.

The solar panel with this fan is also up to the mark. You can adjust the panel from 25 to 45 degrees according to the most relevant position. 

When it comes to the promising period, the ECO-WORTHY haven’t mentioned a solid statement yet. However, it shouldn’t be a big sign of worry. The company claims friendly customer support and to replace parts whenever needed.


  • Works fine even in 4V
  • The solar panel comes with flexible adjustment


  • The warranty period is not stated properly

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6. Blaster Solar Attic Fan

Blaster Solar Attic Fan

Blaster Solar Attic Fan would portray something out of the box. It is a roof-mounted fan that serves the 

This solar attic fan comes with a small solar panel of 3Watts capacity. The power production is indeed low. But, as said earlier you’ll require to buy multiple pieces to get the work done. 

With this power wattage, each attic fan can cover a decent distance of 600sq ft each. It’ll turn out to be a perfect product for your small attic rooms. Moreover, the fan produces almost zero noise and will not distract you at all.

Its built-in quality is a heavyweight metal that ensures zero casualties to the fan even in harsh weather. Moreover, the fan doesn’t demand much effort on installation. There’s no need for any attic while installation as well.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of the fan even once. Thanks to the company’s long assurance of a 25 years warranty period.


  • Budget Pick
  • Zero-noise motor
  • 25 years Warranty period


  • Requires multiple quantities for final set up.

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7. Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

Here’s another value for money product from the side of Amtrak. Just like Amtrak previous version, this one is also equipped with powerful feats under the sleeves.

This traditional solar attic fan includes 12 inches of blade. The size indeed is smaller than other competitors of this list, but its high power motor makes things relevant. Its 50Watts powerful motor is enough to cover a 2250ft large area. 

The 12 inches small blades also make the fan easily reversible for powerful control over the heat. Thus, you’ll get an optimum temperature control as compared to other competitors in the market.

With the rise of demand for Amtrak attic fan, the company now also includes Thermostat with the package. It is a quality Thermostat from the home of Selco that’ll accurately measure the heat of the environment to achieve optimum room temperature. Additionally, you’ll receive easy instructions and connectors to set things up.

At last, this solar attic fan is a product of the Amtrak family, so there isn’t anything to doubt about. Still, the company provides you with 25 years warranty period


  • 50 Watts powerful motor
  • 25 years Warranty period
  • Budget pick


  • Built-in material is plastic

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8. Pumplus Solar Attic Fan

Pumplus Solar Attic Fan

Ending the list with another traditional and powerful attic fan. This Pumplus solar fan is a wall-mounted type that comes with a decent wattage motor of 30 Watts. 

The 12.5 inches blade acts as a decent partner for the motor and provides a high-speed rotation of 1486CFM. With such speed, the fan can easily manage a 3223 sq ft of area. 

It is super easy to install the fan, as the required materials are already provided with the pack. You’ll receive clear instructions for the easy installation process as well.

This budget-friendly solar attic fan does the work just fine. However, few people have noticed a degradation of quality after a while.


  • Easy to install
  • Metallic blades


  • The quality is not up to the mark

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Buying Guide of Best Solar Attic Fan

This is time to move one step ahead. The list mentioned above includes some of the top-notch solar attic fans. To compare the products previously you’ll need to have a better insight. The buying guide mentioned below will help you to make the final decision.

Roof Mounted Vs Gable Mounted

Different attics, garages, and greenhouses require different methods to prevent the overheating issue. The same goes while installing the solar attic fan as well. These solar attic fans are available in two different types- Roof and Gable Mounted.

This gives you the flexibility of installing a solar attic fan according to your location and needs. Let us know which would be more appropriate for you.

As the name suggests, the roof-mounted fan demands a vent in the roof for the installation process. After installing properly, the remaining vent is mostly covered by the shingle to maintain the beauty of the roof.

These fans don’t require large cable as the solar panel is mostly installed with them. Thus, getting the utmost sunlight and increased inefficiency.

Gable-mounted on the other side is connected through a solar panel and can be installed in a desirable wall/gable. They’re easy to install and cost low as compared to the roof-mounted attic fans.

Area Coverage

Considering the area coverage of your solar attic fan is the foremost thing to consider. The bottom line here is obvious- it should be more than the area of your attic/garage. Ensuring the bottom line will maintain the optimum temperature even during heatwave summers.

The solar attic fans come with different powered motors. Thus, they’ve distinct area coverage too. You should have a look at the wattage of the motor, the fan speed (CFM), and the area coverage of the solar fan for precise capacity.

Keep in mind, the higher these numbers will go, the pricier will be the fan. Also, a high watt motor demands more energy consumption. 

Thermostat and Humidistat

The thermostat and humidistat aren’t the mandatory features here. But, they will have some importance in maintaining the optimum temperature and moisture for your desired area.

The thermostat helps the fan to know better about the temperature of its environment. In this way, the fan automatically starts blowing whenever the temperature rises. This also prevents the fan from useless running during winters or monsoon seasons.

In general, the thermostat is preset with many solar attic fans but many manufacturers include it separately.

Maintaining a perfect humidity level is like a constant analytical process. Both low and high moisture might lead to a problem.  The humidistat senses the moisture level (especially in winters) and provides passive ventilation for bringing humidity to an adequate state. 

However, the humidistat isn’t that important for many places. The absence of humidistat shouldn’t be a vital reason for dropping a worthy product. 


It’s a no-brainer why your solar attic fan should have utmost durability. After all, it’s going to face all types of weather throughout the year. And it shouldn’t make you worry at all. 

To ensure good durability you should have a keen look at the built-in material of your attic fan. Many reliable solar attic fans come with high-quality steel and metal to stand firm against the wind, rainfall and even hail too.

Some of the low-quality attic fans have plastic as their protective shield. This plastic does provide decent durability in summers but might become problematic during winter days.


The solar attic is one of the great examples of a simple but significant idea. Choosing the best product is a one-time effort to be worry-free about the heat. Moreover, I also believe that the list and buying guide has proved vital in this process.

If you’re still feeling dizzy regarding your final choice, you should have a look at my favourite. The New Light Solar Attic Fan has everything you’ll ever need in a solar fan. The coverage area is up to the mark and its metal body provides enough durability. Additionally, it also provides you with the option of mourning it on both the wall or roof. 

Did we forget to mention any worthy product in the list? Do let us know by commenting below. Also, please let us know if you’ve some doubt or questions regarding the solar attic fan. Our team will reach you in a short while.

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