3D Printed Mini CNC Machine – Open Electronics

In this project we will see how to create a 3D printed CNC machine. It’s just a prototype, but once it’s built you will surely be able to build a larger, more accurate one. The principle will be the same, but in this case we use DVD writers stepper motors to control the motion of the machine’s axes.

As far as the electronics is concerned, we use the Shield CNC v4 for Arduino Nano which is a 3-axis stepper motor controller, ideal for this type of application. This board can control two-phase stepper motors (4 wires) up to 2A; it has a digital I / O interface that is easy to connect to other modules (such as ENDSTOP) and the power supply is 7.5-12 Vdc with 5Vdc logic control. This card is also GRBL compatible.

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