9 Best Lawn Dethatcher in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Taking care of your lawn is no easy task. There is only so much you can do to grow healthy and even grass on your lawn. But, you will still find abnormal growth rate and non-uniform grass in your lawn that requires your attention. To fix these problems, you will require special tools such as a lawn dethatcher. A lawn dethatcher can help you take care of your lawn and personalize the grass according to your will. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy a lawn dethatcher.

  • Type of Dethatcher: There are essentially two types of dethatchers that are electrically powered, and tow behind one’s that need to be mounted behind a vehicle. We will only recommend you to go with the toe behind options if you have a large backyard and already own a heavy vehicle.
  • Working Width: The working width represents the amount of thatch it can collect at a time. The larger the width, the more thatch you can collect in one go. But, you should consider available space in your lawn and make sure the working width of the dethatcher fits your area before you buy one.
  • Warranty: It is impossible to keep your detacher safe from dust, dirt, and impurities. Thus, you should have a long warranty period on your unit. In case something were to happen to your dethatcher, you can claim free service and repairs.

Today, we will bring you the best lawn dethatcher money can buy in the market right now along with all of the information you need to know beforehand. We will be adding a short review of each lawn dethatcher and also a few pros and cons about each of our picks so that you can make the right choice. If you find yourself in doubt, you should refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best lawn dethatcher present in the next section of our article.

9 Best Lawn Dethatcher in 2021

Best Lawn Dethatcher in 2021: Reviews

1. Greenworks 27022 Lawn Dethatcher

Greenworks 27022 Lawn Dethatcher

GreenWorks is a highly affordable brand that deals with various gardening-related tools and accessories. Its lawn dethatcher is worth checking out.

The Greenworks 27022 lawn dethatcher is our 1st pick for the best lawn dethatcher today. It has rightfully earned the 1st spot on our list by being the most affordable as well as the most reliable option present in the market right now. It comes with a robust 10 amp built-in motor which powers this ergonomic unit. There are adjustable handles present on the top of the machine with padded grips to provide ease and comfort to the user.

Greenworks 27022 works out perfectly for small-sized backyards and lawns as it has 14 inches working width that gets work done faster and allows you to reach narrow spots with ease. You can also adjust the depth in 2 different stages according to your average grass length. The tines that remove the thatch are made up of stainless steel so that they won’t lose their edge over time. GreenWorks will provide you 4 years of warranty on the Greenworks 27022 lawn dethatcher.

Best Features

  • Most affordable lawn dethatcher
  • Most reliable lawn dethatcher
  • 14 inches working width
  • Corded electric lawn dethatcher
  • 18 tines
  • 4 years warranty


  • The warranty period is very long
  • Highly ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Stainless steel tines


  • Working width might be insufficient for large backyards

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2. Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

Sun Joe AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

Sun Joe is a highly recognizable name for all of us as it is a very popular brand when it comes to gardening equipment. Sun Joe’s 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher is already serving thousands of users effectively.

In the 2nd position, we are putting the Sun Joe AJ801E lawn dethatcher. Within an affordable price range, you will be getting a 2 in 1 device as it is a lawn dethatcher as well as an electric scarifier, which is highly beneficial for your maintenance needs. It is ideal for cultivating small to medium-sized lawns as it offers 12.6 inches working width covered by 18 tines. The minimum possible cutting height on this unit is 0.12 inches that allow maintenance of even the finest of lawns.

It houses a powerful 13 amp motor that gets the job done faster and allows you to take care of your lawn effortlessly. You can use the scarifier function of the Sun Joe AJ801E to cut the grass roots so that your lawn grass grows thicker and healthier. IT offers a premium air boost technology that picks up more grass in every single pass of the stainless steel tine. It is approved by ETL and backed by 2 years warranty period from Sun Joe.

Best Features

  • 2 in 1 lawn dethatcher
  • 6 inches working width
  • Corded electric lawn dethatcher
  • 18 tines
  • 12 inches minimum grass cutting height
  • 2 years warranty


  • It comes with a warranty period
  • Easy to use
  • Fine maintenance is possible


  • The cutting width is too short

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3. Brinly DT-40BH Lawn Dethatcher

Brinly DT-40BH Lawn Dethatcher

Brinly is a commercial brand that produces highly efficient professional gardening tools that can be used for heavy-duty purposes. The Brinly lawn dethatcher is one such device mentioned below.

In case you already own a garage full of gardening equipment, including a tractor or a similarly high-powered vehicle, our following choice is for you. The Brinly DT-40BH is our 3rd choice for the best lawn dethatchers, and it is a tow behind the type of dethatcher that is especially preferred for heavy-duty work. It has a maximum working width of 40 inches provided with 2 rows of 10 independent spring steel tines. All of these tines are separately flexing so that you do not end up accidentally damaging the ground in case the ground is uneven.

There are multiple settings available that allow you to manually adjust the device according to your application and get the results that you desire. You can either use it as a straight dethatcher or an aggressive dethatcher, depending on your needs. The steel body of the Brinly DT-40BH is capable of sustaining up to 70 lbs load, which makes it a viable device for regular use. The Brinly DT-40BH  comes with a universal hitch pin that allows you to easily hook up the lawn dethatcher with any vehicle that offers a mounting position.

Best Features

  • Heavy-duty lawn dethatcher
  • Highly durable build quality
  • 40 inches working width
  • Tow behind lawn dethatcher
  • 20 tines
  • Multiple operation modes are available


  • Suitable for commercial farms
  • Comes pre-assembled from the company
  • Pines are independently flexible


  • Requires a powerful vehicle

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4. Agri-Fab 45-0295 Lawn Dethatcher

Agri-Fab 45-0295 Lawn Dethatcher

Agri Fab has grown in popularity a lot in recent years as it only caters to professional farmers and similarly high-end applications. Its gardening tools, including the lawn dethatcher, are the most powerful options.

Agri fab is bringing you a very professional lawn dethatcher which will be an ideal choice for you if you have a large farm that requires frequent maintenance. The Agri Fab 45-0295 comes with a superior 48 inches working width, which consists of 24 rust-proof tines present on the tool. These tines are capable of effectively picking out the roots of dead grass, giving you fresh lawn ground every time you use it. All of these tines are heat treated so that they don’t lose their edge over time.

There are 7 inches wide wheels given at the front of the lawn dethatcher so that it can be easily pushed without a lot of resistance. The cantilever handle on the top makes the job even easier as it allows you to easily lower and raises the tines as required. The tines themselves are highly durable and made with a heavy gauge steel deck and a welded drawbar. You will also find a universal hitch that fits all supported vehicles with ease.

Best Features

  • Heavy-duty lawn dethatcher
  • heavy-gauge steel tines
  • 48 inches working width
  • Tow behind lawn dethatcher
  • 24 tines
  • 7 inches wheels


  • Best working width in this list
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Easy to raise or lower


  • There is no warranty period

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5. Brinly DT-48BH Lawn Dethatcher

Brinly DT-48BH Lawn Dethatcher

If you haven’t found the ideal tow behind the type of dethatcher for your application yet, take a look at the lawn dethatcher made by Brinly. It is the last dethatcher of this type in our picks and will surely pique your interest.

Removing thatch is a tedious process, especially for those who own a large backyard completely covered with grass. Lawn dethatchers like the Brinly DT-48BH are the only suitable choices for these types of lands as it offers a large 48 inches working width consisting of 2 rows of independent tines. Such tines are ideal for covering more ground in less time, especially if you hook it with a fast tractor.

The body of the Brinly DT-48BH is constructed with steel, whereas the tines are made up of durable spring steel. The transport wheels are 8 inches wide on this unit that offers great portability and fewer hurdles when you are using the device. Although, the wheels are located on the rear section of the dethatcher and are in line with the tray so that you get an overall compact size factor. Each of these spring steel tines is 3/16 inches in diameter and is completely flexible for guaranteed performance.

Best Features

  • Best heavy duty lawn dethatcher
  • Affordable compared to other similar options
  • Universal hook up hitch pin
  • 48 inches working width
  • Tow behind lawn dethatcher
  • 60 tines
  • 8 inches wheel size


  • Very large wheels are installed
  • Overall form factor and footprint is small
  • Covers a lot of area in less time


  • There is no warranty period

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6. Earthwise TC70040 Lawn Dethatcher

Earthwise TC70040 Lawn Dethatcher

Earthwise is a highly innovative brand that manages to bridge the gap between electrical and heavy-duty appliances. The same can be said for its heavy-duty lawn dethatcher.

Even if you have a medium-sized lawn covered with grass, you will find it hard to take care of it if you have electrical tools that operate over a cord. Generally, there is no electrical outlet present on the lawn, making it much harder to use. But, the Earthwise TC70040 has solved this problem for you once and for all. It is powered by a 40 volts battery which provides sufficient charge to power the built-in motor and use the device cordlessly. The battery also supports fast charging, so it won’t be an issue in the long run.

It features 4 highly durable tines that offer 11 inches working width and 8 inches maximum cutting depth. In case you want to walk this dethatcher through your lawn, you can flip down the wheels to carry it easily. Even with such high build quality, Earthwise has managed to keep this tool very light in weight so that it offers easy working and increased portability. There is also a 2 year warranty period on each Earthwise TC70040.

Best Features

  • Best portability available
  • 40 volts lithium-ion battery
  • 11 inches working width
  • Cordless electric lawn dethatcher
  • 4 stainless steel tines
  • 2 years warranty


  • Only lawn dethatcher that supports cordless performance
  • 8 inches cutting depth available
  • There is a warranty period


  • The working width is very small

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7. VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher

VonHaus Lawn Dethatcher

VonHaus is a premium brand compared to other choices present on our list today. It is known for producing highly versatile and practical products like the lawn dethatcher mentioned below.

Here, we have one more 2 in 1 lawn coming from a premium brand called VonHaus. The VonHaus dethatcher also includes a separate aerator functionality. As it is powered by a powerful 12.5 amp motor, you will not find it hard to drive in even the most damaged lawns. The motor is capable of lifting damaged components from your soil that gives it a healthy turnover that allows better grass growth. It operates with a working width of 15 inches with adjustable height and depth within -0.47 inches to +0.24 inches.

The total collection capacity of this unit is around 45 liters which is great considering you won’t have to empty the device as frequently as the compact options with less capacity. Once you are finished using the dethatcher, you can easily fold the soft-grip handles and remove the grass box so that it can be conveniently stored in a compact space. It is backed by 3 years of warranty which is great considering its premium price range.

Best Features

  • Premium lawn dethatcher
  • 2 in 1 gardening tool
  • 5 operational height settings
  • 15 inches working width
  • Corded electric lawn dethatcher
  • 3-year warranty
  • Foldable handles


  • A soft gripping area is provided on handles for comfort
  • Can be easily stored in compact areas
  • High capacity collection box


  • Quite expensive for the available performance

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8. Mantis 5222 Lawn Dethatcher

Mantis 5222 Lawn Dethatcher

Mantis is yet another highly premium brand to enter our picks today. All MAntis products, including the lawn dethatcher present here are offered at a premium price range.

The Mantis 5222 Power Tiller is not a complete gardening tool. Instead, it is rather a premium attachment for your existing Mantis 700 series lawn thatcher. It can be easily attached to all products present in the Mantis 7000 series, which are quite popular in the market. Although, you should still put your model number and confirm the compatibility before purchasing the attachment. It is the only device on our list which is powered by an electric supply and features 60 strong and flexible spring steel tines.

The durable steel tines can easily pull up the residue thatch and weeds from your garden that can potentially damage the growth rate and health of the lawn grass. It covers 15 inches in width in a single pass, and considering the high number of tines; its performance is unparalleled by any electrical unit so far. There are also two fender extensions provided that slide into the sides of the fender for extra coverage.

Best Features

  • Great replacement for damaged dethatcher
  • 15 inches working width
  • Corded electric lawn dethatcher
  • 60 tines
  • Compatible with Mantis 7000 series products
  • Two fender extensions available


  • Tine strength and number is very high
  • Very premium lawn dethatcher attachment
  • Powered by a powerful motor


  • No warranty period despite the price tag

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9. WORX WG850 Lawn Dethatcher

WORX WG850 Lawn Dethatcher

In the end, we are featuring a rather valuable for the money choice available from Worx. It is a suitable pick for regular domestic usage.

Coming at the end of our picks for the best lawn dethatchers, we have a great option featured by WORX. The WORX WG850 is powered by a 12 amp motor that drives the unit for a coverage area of 14 inches. The dethatcher allows personalized depth adjustment that can be -9 mm, -3 mm, and 3 mm according to the grass level of your lawn. The handle on the WORX WG850 is also foldable, allowing you to easily store it in compact spaces.

While working with the WORX WG850, you will be able to instantly stop the device if you find abnormal results by using the lock-off switch. It also keeps the device highly power-efficient considering the reduced power consumption. There is a built-in collection bag present inside the lawn dethatcher that can collect all of the thatch without needing to pull it aside. Even with the low price range, WORX surprisingly offers 2 years of warranty on the WORX WG850.

Best Features

  • Value for the money choice
  • Efficient lawn dethatcher
  • 14 inches working width
  • Corded electric lawn dethatcher
  • Personalized depth adjustment options
  • 2 years warranty


  • Great performance available for the price
  • Comes with a warranty period
  • High power motor


  • Covers only 14 inches in width

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Buying Guide For The Best Lawn Dethatcher

Thatch is a collective term for dead leaves, dead grass, roots, and stems which form a thick layer over the grass and eventually cover the grass completely. Thatch is naturally grown in every grass lawn, and it is impossible to avoid it. Although, you can quickly get rid of the thatch by using a decent detacher. These dethatchers can save your lawn from harm and let you clean it efficiently.

Once the thatch is completely removed, you will be able to see your lawn back into its original form. After looking at all of the best lawn dethatchers mentioned on our list today, you might be confused about which one you should go for. If so, take a look at our buying guide for the best lawn dethatcher, which will help you to choose a perfect option from our list.

Handle Size and Ergonomics

All hand-operated tools need to be thoroughly checked for the ergonomics of the shape and design of the handles. You are going to be holding on to these handles for quite some time in each session. If these handles are not optimized for the best comfort, you will feel strain in your hands which is not a good sign for long-term use. In the case of lawn dethatchers, manufacturers provide a special comfortable grip on the handle that is soft on the hand while providing a secured grip on the device. It is important in all electrically powered lawn dethatchers.

Size of The Lawn

The effective coverage area of your lawn dethatchers is dependent upon the size and grass type of your lawn. For regular backyard lawns with naturally grown grass, you shall not require a heavy-duty device. Instead, you should save some money and prefer a budget option that will satisfy your needs for the time being. In the case of commercial application, you should prefer a large working width as it would cover a larger surface area of the lawn in every cycle. Also, the performance and durability of the tines change with the type of lawn dethatcher.


Coming to the most important part of the lawn dethatcher, the durability of the tines. The small yet sharp and flexible tines present on the lower section of the lawn dethatchers are the most important part of the device as they are responsible for cleaning your garden.

The more effective the pines are, the more thatch and dirt you can remove in every single pass. The durability of these lawn dethatchers is directly dependent upon the quality of the pines as well as the overall build quality of the dethatcher. To be extra safe, you should buy a variant that offers a long warranty period for added benefits.

Power Type

You can either buy a self-powered electric dethatcher or a mountable tow behind the type of dethatchers to get rid of thatch from your lawn. Even in the case of electric dethatchers, you will be faced with a choice of corded or cordless options.

Generally, two behind options should only be preferred if you own a powerful tractor or a truck that you can use to detach your lawn with the tow behind the lawn dethatcher. In the case of electrical dethatchers, you should make sure that you have a suitable power supply outlet available on your lawn so that you won’t have to buy an extended cord later on. A cordless device is suitable for compact lawns with short grass.


We hope that we have made it easier for you to find an ideal lawn dethatcher for your garden. As you might have seen earlier, all of our picks for the best lawn dethatchers offer the best features for a very reasonable price range which makes them a perfect choice for everyone. Although, you can go through our buying guide for the best lawn dethatchers and make sure that your pick comes with all of the features and specifications that you require. Here are some of our personal favorite dethatchers available on our list today.

  • Affordable dethatchers are the perfect options for a small backyard or lawn maintenance. Thus, our first recommendation is the Greenworks 27022 lawn dethatcher. It is powered by a 10 amp motor that allows dethatching of 14 inches width in a single pass. It is also a highly reliable option as it comes with a 4 year long warranty period despite being the most affordable choice.
  • The Agri-Fab 45-0295 lawn dethatcher is a fitting tool for those who are looking for professional equipment to detach a large area in the comparatively lesser effort. It is a tow behind the type of dethatcher, which is built with durable material and has a large working width of 48 inches. It features 24 heat-treated pines that are completely rustproof and offer the best performance.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the VonHaus electric lawn dethatcher as it is the most heavy-duty automatic dethatcher in the market right now. While it is available at a very premium price range, its functionality is the best in this class, thanks to the 12.5 amp powerful motor. You will also get 3 years warranty on this product.

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