Blame Feels Good But…

Blame Feels Good However…

Unpopular opinion: BLAMING doesn’t result in SOLUTIONS. Learn that once more 🙂

  • Blaming could really feel good within the second
  • Blaming could make us really feel “proper”
  • Blaming could allow us to really feel validated within the second.
  • However BLAMING grows a sufferer mentality and that adjustments NOTHING. It doesn’t ever result in options. Not EVER.


People who succeed at their objectives? They cease blaming…. They cease residing in circumstance. They shift to how they’re RESPONSIBLE and concentrate on POSSIBILITY, CREATION and what they “need”

I’m responsible of this too at occasions! It’s human nature… however I’ve discovered to shift into “how am I accountable” sooner and sooner. It adjustments the whole lot.

Do you need to be RIGHT or to have successes?

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Natalie Jill

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