Are You Feeling Anxious?

Are You Feeling Anxious?

BLAME fixes NOTHING. NADA… not a factor. If you end up ANGRY, STRESSED, JUDGING OTHERS or dwelling in FEAR and “blaming” that is for you…REAL TALK..

So many divisions, opinions, fears, judgements and hate taking place proper now. Dagnabbit…it’s divisive, polarizing and scary. It’s taking place everywhere. And it’s sucking approach approach approach too many individuals in.

This morning I felt my temper altering in a nasty approach… all due to the rabbit holes I went down. Have you ever achieved that? Discovered your self studying, sharing, partaking in stuff making you mad? And BLAMING? And if in case you have, what precisely did that change (besides your temper)

So. A lot.Blame.

It doesn’t matter what you imagine or don’t imagine BLAME FIXES NOTHING. Nor does anger. Nor does preventing somebody in a remark thread. Nor does being imply. Nor does “cancelling” It fixes nothing.

My query to you – to all of us- is IS being in BLAME mode “HELPING” something in any respect in your life? Is being “RIGHT” in your beliefs serving to or fixing something in your life?

The people who find themselves WINNING And truly having an awesome 2020? They aren’t BLAMING. They identified higher.. they could be sharing their beliefs , their convictions, however they don’t seem to be in blame mode.

What’s going to work?

Cease spending time studying and Listening to issues that make your blood boil.

Take PERSONAL ACTIONS to do what YOU imagine is the precise factor

Be productive
Give attention to options
Give attention to getting or saying wholesome
Give attention to options you CAN management
Give attention to what you wish to create

And cease BLAMING


Natalie Jill

PS. Begin altering your mindset, go HERE!

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