The 9 Best Network Cable Tester In 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are network electrician then without a Cable Network Tester you will be handicapped. It is a must-have tool for all network technicians.

There might be the occasions that during the installation of cable network like the internet, you might have done faulty connections which in turn is not giving you desired results. This is where the Network Tester comes for your help.

It helps you in testing the strength and connectivity of your networking cable by identifying the faulty connections in your panel, it also aware you of damaged wires etc.

Even if you are not a professional, the brands we have mentioned here are very easy to use, and you can easily check any faulty connection in your panel without taking any professional help. This will save your money also.

The brands we have mentioned here do from most basic task to advanced level tasks. This includes telling you of proper wiring connections, condition of data transfer rate in your cable, some of them aid you in maintenance and repairing work in your network.

So, if you have a large network always buy the advanced cable network tester. Brands mentioned in this article give you high-resolution display so that you see your readings clearly.

All of them are light in weight so that your hands don’t ache much if you are going to use your device for a long time. Most important to note is all the brands we have mentioned here are compatible with almost every cable type. So, go through them and choose your best Cable Network Tester.

But before moving further we would like to present you three factors which you need to focus most before buying your Network Cable Tester

  • Compatibility of cable: It means what all types of cable your tester supports for testing. Hence you should check what type of cable you have in your networking panel and on basis of that select the tester which supports cables that you have in your network.
  • Types of testing it can do: This is another very important aspect to focus because you are buying tester to carry out required testing, right. So, your tester must support all the tests that you want to carry out in your network panel. Make a list of all the test you want and then select from brands that offer you required testing.
  • Length of Cable measured: One of the tests that can be done is measuring the length of your cable. Hence you should be aware what maximum length of cable your tester can measure. Based on that select the one that gives you the length you need to measure.

But there are various other factors also to keep in mind before choosing your tester, We, have covered all of them in our Buying Guide, do have a read of them.

After doing a lot of research and reading user reviews we have shortlisted following 9 types of cable tester brands for you. Have a read of them and find your tester

9 Best Network Cable Tester In 2020

9 Best Network Cable Tester In 2020 Reviews

1. Southwire Tools & Equipment M300P Network Cable Tester 


Southwire M300P cable tester is an ideal solution for professional cable network technicians like you. You can utilize this best-quality device to carry out testing like a short circuit, open circuit along with split pair connections.

Your tester has LED-backlit that enables you to use it even in the dark workspace easily. You can use this for carrying out labelling and organizing of your wiring panel in a structured way with ease.

This tester protects the RJ45 ports from dust particles as its mapper comes with port sheets that keep all the dust and trash away from your cable. With the help of toner dynamo built-in your tester, you can track any unidentified cables quickly.

Your tester prevents you from creating faulty connections or if you have done so you can use this to carry out the error check. Such errors include split pairs basically on distinct types of cables like RJ45 or Coaxial Cables. It further checks if wires are connected properly and provides you with a screen number also.

The durability of this tester is what gives you that extra confidence to invest in this tester. Why we are saying this is because your tester is made of highly shock resistant material that makes it survive for a long time.

Favourable to use in any kind of work environment, you can carry this tester to any of remote locations with you where the weather doesn’t have mercy on you but doesn’t harm the tester. This is something which other brands don’t provide you.

Mostly used by telephone network technician this tester is well able to test both shielded, unshielded and coaxial wires. So, if you are in any of the above wires categories this is the best tool for you.

You will love to know that your tester has a long battery life as it comes with 2AAA batteries, now you can take it for distant locations without worry for battery life.

The important thing you need to be aware of is, this tester doesn’t give you proper results if it is having low voltage. Wondering how do you get to know the low voltage, right? Don’t worry the tester will remind you of low voltage and you can then change the battery well before starting your work.

Some users also gave feedback that you need to carry out at least three readings to check the accuracy of the result. So please don’t rely on a single reading, this will take a time but you will get the right result then.

What we liked 

  • LCD screen to easily view the results.
  • Shock-resistant hence more durable.
  • Reminds you of low voltage.
  • Port sheets protect RJ45 cables.
  • LED light enables working in low light
  • Warranty of 1year.

What we didn’t like 

  • Doesn’t gives good results in low voltage.
  • You need to take multiple tests to ensure accurate results.

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2. Noyafa NF-8601 Network Cable Tester 


2nd in our list Noyafa is a trusted brand in the field of Network Cable testers. Their NF-8601 model is a multifunctional cable tester we have selected for you.

You can easily carry out testing like the length of cable, tracking the errors or faults in cable, it also measures the cable voltage along with carrying out PING functions.

Using its 3.7″ colour shield you can easily carry out testing for computer, telephone and another type of networks. You will also get to know PoE presence, breakage and short positions in your cable.

To counter your issue of slow network speed, the tester carries out the crosstalk testing to find if there are any interferences issues in your network.

Utilizing its TF functions, you can import and export result data from your tester. Now you must be thinking of what all cables it can test, right? Here is your answer, it tests 5E,6E cable, telephone, coaxial and USB cables. To establish a network port the hub provides you with a blinking portlight on the wire.

You can easily detect voltages up to 90-1000v this is something which impressed us most unlike other brands which detect only 50-100V, it also contains primitive identifier.

You will feel ease to see all the results of your testing on its large LED screen. You will also be notified by the tester when it is having low voltage. What if I tell you your device never gets low on voltage?

Yes, it is possible. This tester has an auto-off feature so that it switches off automatically after few minutes of inactivity, thus saving your battery from wasting unnecessarily, interesting, isn’t it?

But always be cautious while using this network tester as the led lights in it which indicate you the result, have found to get failed few times. If you miss it you won’t get your result. It also has lighter construction so use it gently unless it might get damage.

What we liked 

  • Affordable in price.
  • LED screen to see results.
  • Detects large amount voltage.
  • Auto shutoff feature of the tester.

What we didn’t like 

  • Too light condition makes it sensitive to broke.
  • Led indicator lights fail in long run.

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3. Elegiant RJ11 RJ45 Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester 


Rapidly becoming a popular brand in the electronic market, Elegiant has sold over 50million products of it in ten countries. You can easily search these countries in on its website.

This tester will prove to be the boon for if you are having RJ11 and RJ45 types of cables. It will easily let you find the source of any loose cable of given type from the chaos of bundled wires in your network panel.

This tester can also be used for testing your LAN connections which are fibre optical network. It also carries distinct features to make your interface with device easier and happy.

What impressed us most is the speaker fitted to the probe part of it which produces loud sound once it finds the port of your loose cable. Further, if you are in a noisy environment, its earphone jack helps you listen clearly using earphones.

It also has a volume control button that lets you easily adjust the volume of the sound you will hear as per your need. What’s further interesting in this tester is, it has a led light flashlight on it that makes your testing easier in dark room or environment.

It works on a 9V battery but you will have to purchase the battery yourself. What everyone likes about this tester is its low price. But the build quality is not too good, as its power switch is quite loose and gets on itself that drains the tester life without any results.

What we like 

  • Loudspeaker to hear the sound.
  • It comes with earphone.
  • Utilizing led flashlight working in dark conditions is easy.
  • Easy to operate with an interactive user interface.

What we didn’t like 

  • Power switch is loose.
  • Only RJ11 ports can be located using tone and probe.
  • Focuses only on RJ45 and RJ11 cable.

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4. Trendnet up to 300m TC-NT2 Network Cable Tester 


TRENDnet is known to be a brand that has produced award-winning networking tools products. Estd. in 1990 this US-based company provides all its user quality-driven, best performing and durable products. All their products ISO9001:2015 certified.

The testing that you can carry out using this product is checking the pin configurations for your network. The type of cables that it supports are Ethernet, USB, BNC cable and patch panel ports. But what annoys most of the customers is for USB testing, TC-NTUF is sold separately.

Talking further about pin testing, the results that you can obtain from your tester is the proper pin, severed pin, cross-connection, and short circuit pin. You can also measure the length of cables in your network up to 300m.

This tester easily tests local or remote cable locations in your network. It comes with a transmitter which produces the signal and receiver unit then catches this signal and gives you testing results at various lengths along the cable.

It lets you test the continuity of your cable using its continuous scan mode at different locations of the cable.

Reading user reviews, we also found that this tester has a very good interface so that you can use it without any difficulty.

Its transmitter comes with LED indicators to alert you of findings, using its manual or auto test button you can carry out the testing as per your convenience. It also has two ports to accommodate multiple cables. Its receiver unit also comes with port and LED indicators.

The cables that it supports are CAT7, CAT6, CAT6E, CAT5, CAT5E, CAT4, CAT3, CAT3E it also supports Coax cables. But you should refrain from connecting your cable to a live wire it may damage your tester.

To sum up, we will say, it is an avg. price tester that solves all or most of your needs. It has accurate results which everyone appreciates.

What we liked 

  • Supports so many cables.
  • Price is justified with the performance it gives.
  • LED indicators to ease your testing.
  • The user-friendly interface of the tester.
  • Accurate results.

What we didn’t like 

  • Users have found it unreliable in long run.

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5. Noyafa Advanced Network Cable Tester with PoE Multifunction 


This is another NOYAFA brand in our list. This cable network is different from the previous version in the fact that it provides you with multiple functions to do.

You can detect PoE voltage, current and power in your cable. It also helps you determine PSE standards and Power supply modes for your cable. You can verify the existence of RJ45 cables also in your cable network.

It provides you three working modes to carry out above functions this includes, AC filter mode, analog mode and PoE mode, finding all these together in any other brand will be a difficult task for you.

What users have found good about this is it measures your cable length with high accuracy, this builds the confidence to buy this without any doubt. The range of length is however only 200m.

Your network tester detects the AC voltage upto 50-100V in your cable line. You can easily judge if the voltage is sufficient for your device or you need to change the cable. Not enough? Don’t worry it also gives you the voltage status of STP, UTP and other lan cables. You won’t be left with any cable untested.

The POE with the help of probe kit eases your task to find the unknown RJ45 cable in your network panel. Just connect the loose end of the cable in PoE port and take your Probe to the panel. The probe will start producing as soon as it reaches the cable location.

What you will find most loving is this Network cable tester, can measure the length of CAT5 and CAT6 cable also. To sum up, we will say that this all in one multifeatured cable tester is a must-have tool in your tool kit.

What we liked 

  • Can test longest cable length up to 200m.
  • Results are very accurate.
  • Sturdy construction makes it easy to use.
  • It is a multifunctional cable network tester.
  • Supports STP, UTP CAT5 and CAT6 cables also.
  • Can identify RJ45 cables in your panel with the probe.

What we didn’t like 

  • Not many instructions are there for you to understand functions.
  • To carry out the specific testing you need to put the wire in that slot, instead of the toggle switch to change between functions.

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6. Tempo DataShark PA70025 RJ45 Network Cable Tester Kit 


Tempo communication (Formerly Greenly) has served customers over continents of America, Europe, Africa and Asia for 150years. It delivers you innovative products with high quality as they have ISO-9001 certification for their products.

Their Datashark RJ45 network cable tester is another high-quality brand for you. This cable tester is loved by customers worldwide because of its extremely low price.

Despite being low in price it still provides you with all the functions a network cable tester should possess this includes, troubleshooting the problems of your patch cords or network. It easily identifies any open, short, or crossed connections in your network or patch cord.

It is not limited in identifying connection errors only, this network cable tester also verifies if you are having the proper cable configuration. As you use your tester to carry out the testing, all the pins have LED lights against them.

The configuration which your cable is having the LED light against that pin will glare up. This way you can easily identify the result of your testing. This tester makes your work very easy as it doesn’t carry many buttons for you to press.

The testing automatically starts as soon as you connect the cable to the tester. The only condition is you should keep the tester in on mode. Once it is on the mode you will see a LED light blinking just above where one is written.

What you will further love about this product is you get a carry pouch to protect your tester. Once used just put it back in that pouch which is exactly the size of your tester. This makes you take it anywhere with you, without caring for its protection.

To end our point, we will say that this is low in price with the highest durability. Yes, it misses some important features like NOYAFA advanced tester but the basic testing which every cable tester does can be easily addressed by this.

What we liked 

  • Low price.
  • Carry pouch for the safe custody of tester.
  • LED indicators to ease your testing.
  • Easy to use as few buttons are there,
  • Supports RJ11 and RJ45 cable both.

What we didn’t like 

  • Not multifunctional like above brands we mentioned earlier.

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7. Noyafa Network Cable Tester Cable Wire Fault Finder for RJ45 Cat5, Cat6, 5e, 6e 


Well, we have another NOYAFA CABLE Tester in our list, what’s special with this one is it can test your RJ45, CAT5, CAT6, CAT5E, CAT6E cable. So irrespective of what cable you have you will get all the results for all the cables.

You will be getting 8 far end jacks with your purchase with one tester that will show all the result on the screen digitally. Just connect your cable in any of these jacks and carry out the cable testing.

Your tester easily measures the length of your cables and you can also find the distance of open or short circuits in your network. You will be easily able to measure the length of your cable with or without recognizing the far end of the cable.

You can calibrate length also with respect to an existing wire and the tester will tell you the length of original in terms of calibrated length.

In short, it will easily tell errors in the network connection. You can also use it for testing twisted cord, coaxial cables or telephone line along with the above type of cables.

You know that all the cable testers are battery operated and changing them frequently annoys all of us. Don’t worry in this tester you will not get annoyed, as it comes with an auto shut off features that automatically shut of your tester if it is not in use for the last 5min.

What it really misses and which we personally didn’t like about this tester is it doesn’t allow you to carry out testing of RJ11 cable. So, if you are planning to use it for RJ11 we are sorry you should look for something else.

What gives you the confidence to buy this is, it is easy to use, it gives you accurate results and carries out multiple functions. You can easily carry out the cable continuity test and cable sequence test.

What impressed us most in this tester is its accuracy, it gives you not less than 97% accurate results. You can use it for any type of circuit be it, open or closed. You can also use to test reverse connections, jumper wire and cross-interference.

With its one-year warranty you can easily solve your any technical glitch or issues your tester faces that too free of cost. The other thing is it is too small in size and very light to carry with high battery life. Use it as many times you like.

What we liked

  • 8 far-end passive test jack with your tester.
  • You can calibrate the device as per an existing wire length.
  • Auto shut off to save battery.
  • Supports nearly all type of cable testing except RJ11.
  • Has a high accuracy of 97%.

What we didn’t like

  • Cannot test RJ11 cable.
  • Slightly higher price than other alternatives.
  • The storage bag is not up to mark.

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8. Kolsol AT112 NF388 Ethernet LAN Phone Network Tester Wire Tracker 


KOLSOL brand is famous to make small, affordable and simple to use products. All their products are aimed at making your life easier. What they ensure different from other brands is 24×7 after-sales support to ease any help you need.Your KOLSOL NF388 network cable tester comes with 8 far-end testing jacks that allow you multiple testing with one tester. You can easily carry out checking error in wire connections such as open circuit, short circuit, wire jumper and reverse connections.

It also helps you determine the length of your cable or you can also locate at what length a particular error is present in your cable and you can easily sort it out thereafter.

Don’t worry all the results are as accurate as up to 97%. Everything apart what we liked most in this is it can measure up to 1000m length of cable which is unmatched from any other brand.

Don’t want to do calibration unit testing every time you want calibrated length of your cable, right? Don’t worry it comes with memory storage that stores previously calibrated units and you can directly use those units to carry out calibrated length testing of your cable.

All the results you get are displayed on the large LCD screen of your tester. It helps you easily visualize the result of your testing in digital format. In order to save the battery of your tester, it has been provided with an auto-shutoff feature so that after certain minutes of inactivity your tester itself gets off.

It has got a probe also, that lets you easily find the location of any loose wire existing in your network panel. Just connect the loose end of the cable to the tester, generate a tone using the button provided, then take the probe to your panel as soon as the probe reaches the location of cable it starts producing sound.

Wondering what all types of cable it could test, we have your answer? It can test 5E,6E cables, telephone wires, coaxial and usb cables. Just connect these cables to 8far end test jacks you get along with this tester.

Apart from that, your tester has also got ports that let you test RJ45, RJ45 Loopback, BNC and RJ11 cables. Now coming to point what everyone wants to listen, KOLSOL gives you 30days money-back guarantee. This ensures that the product you are buying is trusted, credible and you can rely on it.

What we liked 

  • 8 far end jack testers with the purchase.
  • Supports every type of cable.
  • Measures length up to 1000m.
  • Large LCD screen for the best view of the result.
  • High accuracy of 97%
  • Inbuilt memory to store previously calibrated units, eases your measurement testing.
  • Cost-effective.

What we didn’t like 

  • You might find buttons a bit sturdy to press.

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9. Kolsol Network Cable Tester Tracker, 4 in 1 PoE Tester with NCV & Lamp 


This is another KOLSOL product in our list. This tester is not much multifunctional in testing yet more advanced in technology when compared to its previous version.

With this purchase, you get a 4-in-1 PoE with Ncv and Lamp along with a network toner and probe to carry out various testing. You can carry out your cable testing in three modes namely AC filter mode, Analog mode and PoE mode.

You can accurately measure the length of your cable up to 200m using this tester. Yes, it’s a bit short when compared to other brands but what makes it elite is its accuracy.

The other testings that you can accurately carry out an error in cable connections, PoE testings. It also allows you to carry out NCV testing along with hub blink. Hence, this makes it a very important tool to be present always in your kit.

In hub testing, it accurately tells you which pin supplying power along with telling you the voltage associated with that pin. You can also test the physical status or detect the AC voltage (50-100V) of your STP, UTP type lan cable.

With this tester you can test other cables also this includes Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 cables. Carry out testings like an open circuit, short circuit, cross-connections and split pairs.

With the help of the pointed probe, you can easily find the port location of any unidentified cable in your network. As the probe reaches such position where it is difficult to take your hands, it finds the cable without coming in contact. This prevents any accidental shocks also.

To sum up our reviews we will only say this product is less in price when compared to the above product. Yes, you don’t get to test that much variety of cables but you are going to love its accuracy and durability for sure.

What we like 

  • 3 modes of testing.
  • 98% accuracy, greater than all the other brands here.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • The probe is there to carry out port location testing of the cable.
  • Price is low when compared to the above version.

What we didn’t like 

  • Can measure the length of only 200m cable.
  • Cannot test multiple types of cable.
  • Has lesser functions when compared to the above version.

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How To Choose The Best Cable Network Tester

We have shown you multiple types of network cable testers. Each of them has its own features different from others or there are testers who have the same features but vary on price.

Thus, you get confused about what you should buy and what you should not, here comes the role of this buying guide. It will tell you what are the features that can make your testing right and serves your purpose.

Just go through the points that we have described below, and select what suits you best and choose from the brands mentioned that are right for you.

1. Compatibility with cable 

Cable network testers are designed in such a way that they support a particular type of cable. Hence it becomes very important for you to lay focus on what type of cables you have in your networking panel.

Once figured out what cables you have, just compare all the testers in the given price range and find which tester supports all the cable you need to test. But this will be the case if you are using it for home purpose only.

If you are a professional network technician you need to get a network tester that supports nearly all or most of the cables. Because when you will go out for testing you will find different kind of tables at different workplaces.

The most common cable that exists is coaxial cable hence it should always be included in your tester. Other than that, the testers we have mentioned here support multiple kinds of cable you can select anyone from these as per your need.

2. Type of testing 

Network tester carries out multiple testing in your cable network. But what specific purposes they can perform is very important to figure out. Because, if the test that you want to carry it in your network is not provided by your tester then there is no need of buying that.

The different tests that a network tester may perform are continuity check, voltage check, measuring the length of cable, pin testing, checking the proper connection, finding the port location of cable and many more.

Based on what kind of testing you want to carry out, select the one that serves your purpose. If you are a professional technician find the tester that supports multiple kind of testings.

The testers that we have mentioned here are suitable for both home use and professional technicians. Select the one from this article that you find most suitable for you.

You should also focus on the accuracy of results as there will be trouble if you are not getting accuracy in your results.

3. LED/LCD Display on tester 

Based on testing that your tester offers it may have a display screen to show your result if it is a numerical value. But there are testers that don’t come with a display screen as such tester only show you the results in form of sound or light indicators like continuity testing, pin testing etc.

However, our advice for you will be to go for the tester that comes with a display screen. As you may miss the sound in a noisy environment or light may not glow up due to some reasons, but the screen will always show you the results.

Hence, if you are a professional technician who will need to measure the voltage of the cable line or length of cable then you will need to have a display type tester.

We have both kinds of tester in our list display as well as non-display select the one which suits you best. Also, the price of non-display testers is very less than the display type.

4. Length of cable that can be measured 

One of the testing that the network tester does is measuring the length of the cable without you actually moving through the entire length of cable. So it becomes important for you to note what maximum length of cable your tester can measure.

The brands we have mentioned here can test from 300m to 1Km length of cable in just 3-5seconds.

But most of the cables in network use are not above 300m hence maximum testers that we have included in our list have the range of 300m. This reduces there price also because unnecessarily going for long length testing cable tester will make them expensive which is not needed at all.

5. LED indicators and Sound Speaker 

These two features are must-have in your tester features list. Whenever you carry out your testing you get notified by light indicator or speaker or sometimes both together that testing is done now check the result.

This ensures that you don’t miss the reading and get accurate result always and at correct timing. All the brands that we have mentioned here are equipped with both these features.

6. Warranty 

Having a warranty of your product ensures that you don’t have to bother much if the device malfunctions you just need to inform the company and your issue will be rectified without any fees till the time it is in warranty.

Network testers being electronic device are most prone to malfunctioning if used in extreme conditions like excessive heat or cold hence you should always check how much warranty your brand is providing on your tester.

7. Price 

With price comes more features and better durability in your product. It is worthy to spend more on your tester when it comes to the durability of that as it will make it run longer and save your money to be spent in repairing of your tester.

But unnecessarily spending on features that you don’t require in your tester is a waste of your money.

Price of your tester is based on the testing it can carry out, types of cable it supports and other aspects. Find your aspect and choose then which is most economical to you.


So now you are all aware of the brands that you can buy for your cable testing issues. What we will advise you, is just go through your needs and price you can pay, you will end up selecting the best choice for you. This article makes your this task easy and this is what our purpose was behind this article.

But the one brand which impressed us most and what we want to recommend you is Southwire Tools & Equipment M300P Network Cable Tester. You can easily use this tester in dark light. It is able to absorb every shock that makes it durable. It also protects all the cables from dust as it carries port sheets. Further with its great battery life, you will enjoy your time doing every sort of cable testing.

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