Our Scars Are Our Teachers

Our Scars Are Our Academics

MY NEW ARM… scars and all. They are saying that life offers us whispers and small indicators first and that if we don’t hear, these whispers and indicators get louder and louder and louder till we will’t ignore them any longer.

My accident in Costa Rica 6 months in the past was that loud interruption and awakening for me and my proper arm is scarred because the reminder of that pivotal second on the Mayan water portal the place I set a transparent vocal intention moments earlier than the accident occurred! So wild that it’s on that very same arm that I tattooed the phrase “give up” on not too lengthy earlier than.

Don’t wait till the huge interruption occurs to you… take note of the indicators you might be being proven. They’re throughout you.

And… when these “large interruptions” occur? Get out of sufferer mode and search for the LESSON. Circumstances repeat till we get the lesson.

Two weeks left of 48… gearing up for my true life path for my 50s… let’s go!!

I’m so grateful for the huge interruption….

What are the indicators you’ve been ignoring?
What “mess” in your life is definitely your message?
The place are you caught in sufferer mode as a substitute of searching for the teachings?

For the full story on my Distal Bicep Tear and repair, the follow along recovery and more  go here


Natalie Jill

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