The 7 Best Disco Ball Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Disco Lights emit sharp, clear and bright laser lights that makes your mind go rocking on the beats of music. They add such an enthusiasm in your party hall that neither you nor your guests will be able to stop yourself from going crazy dancing on the dance floor.

Scintillating light effects of your disco ball lights help in making your party decorations look beautiful. Disco Lights are budget-friendly also as they combine both visual and audio system together. So, you don’t need to look for a separate sound system. Just plug your lights, press play and you will feel the difference.

If you are planning to buy a Disco Ball Lights. Then you should keep following three main factors in your mind while purchasing your choice-

  • Area it will cover: You should always go for the brand which provides you with such an illuminating area that covers the whole of your party hall. But for that, you need to be aware of the area size in which you are going to place it. Effective illumination area is mentioned by various brands you should check it every time before making your buy.
  • Number of lights colours it emits: Disco Balls emit different colours of lights from them which creates the rocking atmosphere in your party. There are brands that provide you with two colours, while some provide you with three colours. There are also the brands which provide you up to 9 colours in their Ball Lights. So, you can select as many colour lights you want as per your wish
  • Light control/Light modes: Disco Balls are famous for the fact that they continuously keep changing the lights they emit. So, there are 4 different modes by which your Disco Light Changes its colours these are AUTOMATIC MODE, SOUND ACTIVATED MODE, FLASH (STROBE MODE) and ROTATING MODE. I have explained all these modes in our buying guide section. You can have a read there to know about them.

But you should not forget to read our Buying Guide which contains other factors that decide the performance of your ball light.

But you must now be confused about which brand to buy as there are numerous brands present in the market. Don’t worry, we have selected the following 7 Best Disco Ball Lights which you can buy just go through them one by one

7 Best Disco Ball Lights

7 Best Disco Ball Lights Reviews

1. Luditek Sound Activated Disco Ball Party Lights


LUDITEK adds fun to your life as they are committed to provide you with products that give you a wonderful experience. If you are planning to organize a house party in a small area like living room, bedroom, hall then this disco ball light is made for you only. It provides you lightning in the area of 15-30sq.m.

To create an extremely beautiful atmosphere in your party hall it gives you 7 lightning modes that combines 3 light colours red, blue, green and 4 patterns. With its rotating ball speed-control, you can change your party atmosphere from romantic to enthusiastic.

Features that draw attention

  • It provides you with 3 activated sound lights that cheer up your guests present in the party hall.
  • Remote Control makes it easy for you to choose colours, lightning mode and other functions to the light.
  • It provides you with brackets using which you can hang it on your wall, ceiling or other places.
  • The best thing is it is very easy to use. You just need to plug in and play.
  • Lightweight of 0.2kg and small size of 8.7×8.7×9.7cm allows you to use it in different rooms.
  • It is made from AC+ABS material that increases its overall life and you don’t need to purchase it frequently.
  • However, in case it faces any problem, you can use the one-year warranty card that will take care of your disco light.


  • Affordable Price.
  • Provides you high brightness.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Has a long life.
  • Remote control makes it easy to use.


  • No button on device to control it.
  • Effective in limited spaces only.

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2. Allness Group Disco Ball Party Lights


Allness Group is a Top-Rated brand trusted by many customers in the US. Their Disco ball party lights is another trusted product.

Want to have party inside your car? Then What is stopping you when this product is there for you. Its Suction cup allows you to hang it on the ceiling of your car. You also get a USB cable that connects it to the USB port of your car. It then glares up and you can enjoy the party now. You can use it inside party halls also.

You can instantly add energy, beauty or romance in your party hall as it provides you with 7magical light combinations Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Pink Green, Red Blue and RGBP mixed together.

To further create a fantastic party atmosphere in your hall it comes with 3 Playing Modes- Automatic Mode in which light keeps changing automatically, Sound activated Mode in which light changes colour on beat of music and Flash Mode or strobe in which lights appear and disappear alternatively.

Features that draw attention

  • Sound activated mode has 3 sound lights that let you create the atmosphere you want.
  • You get a remote control that allows you to control your ball from a distance of 3-5mtrs.
  • It has a beam angle of 120° that lets the light cover every corner of your party hall.
  • It has a small size of 11x10x11.5cm and weighs only 0.16Kg. You can easily carry it from one place to another.
  • Made from super-durable material AC+ABS it has a life span of over 200,000hrs.
  • You also get a one-year warranty that ensures the safety of your disco ball light.


  • Suction cup makes it hang easily on your walls and ceiling.
  • Long-lasting life.
  • More variety of colours compared to luditek.
  • Remote control allows you to use it easily.
  • Good after-sales service.


  • If suction cup fails then it may fall and break.

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3. Spooboola Store Tongk Party and DJ Disco Light


Looking for a stage/party/disco/bar laser projector? Then TONG K DISCO LASER LIGHT is the right option for you. It can shower millions of constantly moving and morphing stars on your party floor. The stars are showered in red colour, green colour and mixture of both. This makes your dance floor look glittery and your party looks beautiful under the night sky.

It also comes with 3lightning playing modes- Automatic Mode in which light keeps changing automatically, Sound activated Mode in which light changes colour on beat of music and Flash Mode or strobe in which lights appear and disappear alternatively.

You can hang it on top of your ceiling with a hook. Or with its round base, you can place it on the floor. So, place it as you wish and enjoy the lightning.

Features that draw attention

  • You can control the speed of light manually or with the help of speed control button on your remote.
  • It carries 2 sound-activated modes that create a rocking party atmosphere.
  • It comes with a tripod stand that allows you to place it stable on the ground.
  • It has a size of 10.9×10.4x5cm and weighs only 0.38Kg.


  • Tripod stand makes it stable.
  • You get an extra battery with remote.
  • Easy to hang on ceiling.
  • Lightning stars create a beautiful atmosphere.


  • Only 2 color combinations makes it dull.
  • Length of cable cord is short.
  • It has only 2 sound activated modes.

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4. Katzco Store Plasma Ball


Famous by name of KCO Brands, KATZCO is known to provide customer support to their customers even after long purchase time. Their products are of exciting standards that no customer remains unsatisfied. Their PLASMA BALL is another such product which has made the customers go crazy about it.

If you have kids in your family and you are looking for lights that can create a scientific atmosphere for them, then KATZCO PLASMA BALL is the right choice for you. It also lets you decorate your room on various occasions like birthday parties of your kids, new year celebration, Christmas etc.

Features that draw attention

  • It has nebula and lightning colour feature that creates a science fiction environment in your room.
  • 2 Interactive Modes- Touch-sensitive mode that reacts to your touch and glitters multiple coloured lights. A sound-sensitive mode that reacts to the music/sound you provide to it.
  • The ball is mounted on a square base that makes it easy to place anywhere like your desktop, dining table, hall maze etc.
  • It has a diameter of 7inch and has an extremely lightweight of 41gm that lets you take it anywhere.


  • Liked by kids very much.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • Easy to use. just plug and play.
  • 6 ft. long cable cord reaches anywhere.


  • Doesn’t showers light.
  • Cannot use it as disco light.

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5. Allness Group Bluetooth Disco Ball Lights


Next in the list of disco ball lights is another ALLNESS PRODUCT. So, if you are a gadget lover then this product is totally made for you. It has a Bluetooth speaker that plays music from your phone, laptop, pc or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity. You can play MP3 or MP4 music as per your wish. It also comes with a port for USB and SD CARD and you can stream your music through you sd card or Pendrive.

It has 9 magical colours that hold the ability to turn your party into romantic or rocking as per your wish. These colours are Red, Blue, Warm White, Green, Yellow, Pink, White, Purple and Orange.

It comes with 4 playing modes- You are already aware of Automatic Mode, Flash Mode, Sound Activated Mode. I will be telling you about 4th mode i.e Rotation mode in this the light flashes and rotates more quickly when sound is increased. So, using these four modes you can make your guest enjoy to their fullest.

Features that draw attention

  • All the buttons of your Remote are present on Disco Ball also. So, you can operate it in both ways, manual as well as a remote control.
  • The remote control provides you with an effective range of 3-5mtrs.
  • It has a small size of 18x18x15cm and weighs only 0.64Kg. You can easily carry it from one place to another.
  • Made from super-durable material AC+ABS it has a life span of over 200,000hrs.
  • You also get a one-year warranty that ensures the safety of your disco ball light.


  • In built speaker lets you play music through it.
  • Bluetooth, USB port, Sd card port lets you stream music from multiple options.
  • Provides you highest 9 sets of distinct light colours.
  • Long-lasting life.
  • Good after-sales service.


  • Connectors are oversensitive you need to tape them so that lights do not get off.
  • Quality of speaker is not so good.

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6. Lightahead Rotating LED Crystal Stage Light


Owned by Light Ahead Inc Company of Nevada, U.S.A. LIGHTAHEAD is known to offer a wide range of quality products at an affordable price. Their LED Crystal Stage Light is also such a product. If you want to create for yourself a private and personal disco then you should go for this light.

You can install it any light socket or lamp. Then hang it from your ceiling or place on your wall in the lamp. However, we would advise you to keep it in the centre of your room for the best effect. It comes with a colour combination of red, green and blue that keep changing and rotating to create a romantic environment in your room.

Features that draw attention

  • Each lamp contains 3 led bulbs of 1 watt each.
  • RGB Lights produce strobe effect and shower on your floor in prismatic shapes that makes your hall look beautiful.
  • Led Bulbs inside the lamp rotates which causes a glittery rotating effect in your party hall.
  • You get 2 sets of lamps with this purchase. This makes your money spending worth.
  • Each lamp has a size of 7Hx3.7Wx3.3L inches, this makes it easy to install.
  • It is made of high-quality plastic that makes it last longer.


  • Great colour effect.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long-lasting quality.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Rotating motor creates whirring sound that may annoy you.

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7. Aomees Dance Light Disco Ball Party


AOMEES provides you there Disco Ball Light which covers nearly 30sq.m. of area to provide you disco lightning. It is Exclusively made for Halloween Parties but you can also use it in birthdays, Christmas, new year, wedding celebrations etc.

It comes with red, blue, green lights that provide you with 7 lightning modes red-blue, blue-green, green-red or all of them mix together. This gives you versatile party themes for your guests. It also works in three modes automatic mode, flash mode and music mode. These modes you are already aware of.

You further get 3 sub-modes in music mode that changes the frequency and speed of light as per your selection mode1, mode2 or mode3. This let the LED disco lights dance to the tunes of your wish.

Features that draw attention

  • It has a powerful activated voice sensor that quickly responds to its nearby music and changes colour and speed of light as per the frequency of music.
  • The remote control gives you the freedom to operate your ball light within a radius of 5m.
  • It comes with a bracket using which you can easily install it on your ceiling, wall etc. You can also put it on your table or floor.
  • LED bulbs in the ball have a life span of more than 15000 hrs that ensures its durability.
  • It has a size of 10.9×10.7×10.1cm and it weighs only 226gm that makes it easy to shift from one place to another.


  • Activated sound sensor makes light react quickly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has a long power cord.
  • Led bulbs have longer life.


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Buying Guide For Disco Lights

Finding the features that will fulfil your goals is the first step in determining which Disco Ball Light you should buy. However, many of you might not be aware that what all features you can get in a Disco Ball Light.

So, to help you know all such features. We are presenting you our useful buying guide that will let you select the right Disco Ball Light for you.

1. Area it will cover

The very first and most important thing for you to look in your Disco Ball Light is the area its light can cover. You should also be aware of the area of the place in which you are going to place your ball light.

Then your next step should always be to compare these areas and the area covered by lights of your ball should always be equal or greater than the area in which you are going to place it.

In this way, lights of your Ball will be able to cover the whole party hall and every guest present in your party will able to enjoy the atmosphere created by your Ball Light.

2.Number of colour light it emits

The sole reason for buying a Disco Light is its lightning which creates the party-like atmosphere in your hall. So, after choosing the area size your next step should be to find how many light colours you get in your ball that can illuminate the party hall.

Disco lights come with two colour lights like TONGK Disco Lights. Some of the have much larger number of lights like 9 colour lights in ALLNESS BLUETOOTH DISCO LIGHT.

But most of them come with 3 Colour Lights. These are moderate in price and provide you with good light combination also. So as per your requirements, you can select the number of light colours in your disco ball light.

3. Light control/ light modes

After selecting the number of light colours, next thing that comes to your mind is how your light should glow and dip to create a jazzing effect. For this purpose, your disco ball comes with various light modes that let you control the frequency of lights changing. There are FOUR such modes-

  • Automatic mode- In this light colour keeps changing one by one automatically.
  • Sound activate mode- In this light changes itself as per the beat of music you are playing.
  • Flash(Strobe mode)- In this all the light colours appear and disappear alternatively but together.
  • Rotation mode- In this light flashes and rotates rapidly as the volume of music is increased.

Most of the brands we have mentioned here have three modes only but if you wish to have four modes then you can go with the ALLNESS BLUETOOTH DISCO LIGHTS.

4. Type of light used

We always want to have best lights that can create an energized party environment. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers nowadays produce two types of modern DISCO BALL LIGHTS these are LED LIGHTNING and LASER LIGHTNING system.

So, based upon the money you can spend and effect you want to have you can select the right lighting system for you. You should note that laser lights have more reach than Led lights.

5. Bluetooth connectivity

Many Disco Ball Lights nowadays are coming with this feature. This lets you play your music from the BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH SPEAKER of your Disco Ball Light. You just need to connect your streaming device like phone, tablet etc. to it with help of Bluetooth. So, if you love technology, if you love comfort, if you love ease of doing then this feature is perfect for you.

6. Remote control feature 

When you are hosting a party, you need to do various other things also like preparing snacks, cold drinks for your guests. When you are busy doing such preparations you can’t drop your guest service duty every time to change your disco ball settings.

Thus, to cure this problem you get a remote control with your ball lights so that you don’t get disturbed often. You can change the settings just by sitting at the place where you are.

7. Price

Fortunately, all the brands we have mentioned here have a very affordable price. However, you should consider what are your needs and ensure the model you have selected gives you every single feature that will fulfil your need while remaining in your budget range.


Each of the above-mentioned models you have gone through are designed to give you the best experience. But it is also true that you cannot buy every single brand so you should trust out buying guide, select the features you want and get the right disco ball for you.

However, our recommendation for you would be to buy Luditek Disco Ball Lights. The reasons are it provides you with a decent range of 15-30sq.m. and gives you 3 light colours that can create 7 different light combinations for you.

The best thing is you get a warranty of one year that will take care of your Ball Light in every case. Remember all this you are getting is at a very affordable price. Don’t miss it, GOOD LUCK!

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