The 7 Best Evaporative Air Coolers Reviews & Buying Guide

Evaporative air coolers are the best alternative to AC’s during summers specially in dry and semi-arid areas. They can also be shifted from one place to other as many of them come with wheels on their base. They cost half equal to an AC and require one-fourth electricity as compared to AC’s. They are environmental friendly also as they do not use hazardous refrigerants for cooling.

But, following three factors are very important to consider when you are selecting which air cooler suits you best-

1. Effective Area of Cooling

You should always be aware of size of area you want to cool. Effective cooling area specification is always written on cooler model description. If it is a small room go for low effective cooling area cooler. If it is a large hall or large workshop like garage go for large effective cooling area cooler. This will let you invest your money in right cooler.

2. Automatic Air Swing Delivery System

This feature lets you adjust the direction of air blown into your room. This allows every person sitting in your room to feel the cool air. Coolers come with different oscillation angles like 40°, 70°, 120° so as the size of room increases your coolers oscillation angle should also increase so that air reaches every corner of your room.

3. Wheels at Base

If your cooler has wheels then you can shift it instantly from one place of your home to other very easily. This will let you cool different rooms of your home with a single cooler only. And you will also be able to save your electricity bill and extra money to be spent on extra cooler.

However certain other factors are also there that decide which air cooler is best for you. You can refer to them in our BUYING GUIDE.

Further, keeping your needs in mind we have shortlisted the following best evaporative air coolers for you:  

Best Evaporative Air Coolers

Best Evaporative Air Coolers Reviews

1. Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler

Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler

Hessaire is renowned for producing specially engineered air coolers that provide effective cooling with affordable cost. Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Air Cooler is one such product which is popular for best and effective cooling in its size. It has a Cooling range of 950sq.ft. that makes it best option available to cool your garage, workshop, or other large patio.

High density cooling pads of MC37M makes you feel the blasted air extra cool. It has 3100CFM strong airflow which ensures that cool air reaches every corner of your cooling area. Further it has left-right oscillating louvers that allows distribution of air to wide range of area. Its 10.3gallon water tank can run continuously for 4hrs once fully filled that saves your effort to fill the tank frequently. However, the easy to read water level indicator keeps reminding you of water level in the tank.

MC37M provides you a tool tray on top in which your tools can be kept while working in garage. Its rotary switch allows you to set fan speed as low, medium or high according to your need. MC37M is strong built with size of 37”Hx24”Wx17”L that weighs around 40pounds. But not to forget it has 4 heavy duty castor wheels on base that allows you to shift your cooler anywhere. It comes with 1year warranty and assures you of help in case it faces any trouble.

Key Considerations

  • Its automatic overheat protection prevents the overheating of cooler due to continuous running.
  • It Comes with a powerful2HP motor that lasts long.
  • 250Watt of power consumption makes it less energy efficient.
  • Noise level of 59db may sound disturbing when running this.


  • Effective cooling as lowers temperature upto 78°F from 110°F.
  • Reduces humidity from atmosphere.
  • Very useful for cooling large indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Due to Big size occupies more space.
  • Very noisy in operation.
  • Power consumption is high compared to other coolers.

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2. AMEIKO Portable Mini Evaporative Personal Cooler

AMEIKO Evaporative Personal Cooler

AMEIKO Evaporative Air Cooler emits 7 soft light colors that can please your mood and brings you sleep quickly. It is a very small size personal cooling station that provides you AC like cooling directly on your study table, your office desk or your bed. It works as humidifier also and helps you feel cool and moist air.

It has a 400ml water tank with provision of adding ice cubes that can accelerate the cooling effect. Its adjustable air outlet upto 120° in up-down direction cools your whole body effectively. Ameiko’s speed adjustment switch lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice. It also has a timer button that allows you to program your cooler maximum for 4hrs running without stopping.

It has a size of 8.9”Hx5.1”W  and weighs only 1.95pounds making it very light and easy to use. However, it has a portable handle on its top just like a handle on bucket that allows you to carry it along with you on picnic, train journeys, car drives etc. It comes with a warranty of 1year that will take care of any glitch your cooler faces.

Key Considerations:

  • Multiple purification of air provides you only clean and fresh air.
  • Uses electricity as low as a bulb of your house.
  • Runs very quietly during operation.


  • It has an affordable price.
  • Zero noise disturbance when running.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easily portable due to small size.


  • Cannot cool an average size room or larger area.

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3. COMFYHOME Evaporative Air Cooler

COMFYHOME Evaporative Air Cooler

With 40+ years of experience in cooling industry, Comfyhome is a trusted cooler brand among buyers because of its 100% customer satisfaction approach. Their 32” Evaporative Air Cooler is nowadays popular among users as it is a 2in1 air cooler which works like air cooler as well as humidifier. It is budget friendly too and effectively cools your single rooms like kitchen, bedroom, cabin etc.

Its 1gallon water tank can be easily filled from your kitchen or bathroom. Also, the auto shutoff system alarms you when water tank gets empty and shuts it off. Comfyhome comes with 40° of air oscillation in left-right direction that covers large area of your room. You can choose the fan speed from low, medium or high speed as per your need. It has maximum 15hr timing control fucntion which is largest among all coolers that allows you to have uninterrupted sleep as it keeps running till then.

It has a height of 32” and weighs 15.27 pound. But, Attention! It also has an in-built handle placing your hands in which you can shift it to any part of your home. And last but not the least, it comes with 7years of manufacturer warranty that makes the money you invested safe.

Key Considerations:

It comes with remote control feature that allows you to operate it from your sofa set.

  • Its fan has bladeless design that makes it safe for your children.
  • It has 3levels of air purification that keeps your respiratory health well.
  • The 3 air modes strong winds, natural winds, sleep winds provide you comforts that you need.
  • With noise levels less than 38db, it runs quietly and smooth.


  • Safe for kids as fan blades are not visible.
  • Very easy to mobilize from one room to other.
  • Increases moisture inside room to reduce dryness.


  • It produces annoying sounds while changing fan speed as experienced by some customers.
  • Not suitable to use in large rooms or larger areas.

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4. COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler

COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler

COSTWAY has served over 10million happy customers around the world and is known for providing high quality products in affordable prices since 2008. Keeping this true, their Portable evaporative Air Cooler is another such product which is 4-in-1 as it can work as air cooler, fan, humidifier and air purifier. It effectively cools your bed room, office room, hall or other single room areas. It comes with honeycomb cooling pads which cools the air effectively for you.

Costway evaporative cooler has 215CFM air flow and provides air swing of 70° in left-right direction which is enough to reach all the nooks of your room. Also, you can choose the fan speed from low, medium or high speed as per your need. It has 8L large water tank and comes with two ice-crystal boxes that gives you long cooling effect. It can be programmed for 7.5hrs continuous running, thanks to its timer control function which lets you enjoy uninterrupted sleep till then.

Having a compact size of 29”Hx15”Wx11”L , this light weight cooler weighs only 13.5pounds. Also, with 4 castor wheels on base and a handle on cooler you can steer it from room to room easily. Costway provides you 90 days of money back guarantee during which you can return your cooler if found defective or not working.

Key Considerations

It comes with far range remote control that allows easy control of your cooler.

  • LED lights on panel makes it user friendly as you can easily see the features you select.
  • It has dust filters that cleanses the air it delivers.
  • Power rating of 75watt makes it an energy efficient machine.
  • It has 3 air modes normal winds, natural winds, sleep winds to provide you comfort that you need.


  • Multifunctional air cooler.
  • Energy Efficient as utilizes only 75watt power.
  • Occupies very less space.
  • Features are easy to read on panel.


  • May develop leakage in long run as experienced by some customers.
  • Low CFM limit, thus not suitable for large areas.

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5. Honeywell 525 CFM Indoor Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell Evaporative Cooler

Having over 100years of experience in innovating and making home appliances, Honeywell evaporative coolers are leading the cooling industry since 12years. Honeywell C030XE air cooler is no different, as its honeycomb dense cooling pads provides greater cooling to you as compared to other brands.

It has a strong air flow of 525-729CFM that can cool your area upto 320sq.ft making it suitable to cool medium space garages, workshops etc.  Provision of air swing system cover wider range of your cooling area. Also, you can choose the fan speed from low, medium or high speed as per your need. It comes with large detachable water tank of 7.9gallons along with ice compartment that provides you long lasting cooling. It also has low water alarm that alerts you of low water level.

Like other brands it also has 7.5hrs of timer function, that allows for uninterrupted running without disturbing you. It has size of 33.7”Hx18”Wx13.8”L, and weight of 24.9pound which lasts longer without damage. But you can easily shift it to various areas as it has 4 castor wheels at its base. 1year of warranty on CO30XE allows you to be carefree for your cooler.

Key Considerations:

Remote control feature, allows you to easily operate it.

  • Detachable water tank makes water filling easy for you.
  • Power rating of 288watt makes it less energy efficient.
  • Due to its large size it has a noisy operation.


  • Provides effective cooling as reduces temperature significantly.
  • Reduces humidity from atmosphere.
  • Useful for larger areas like garage, mechanical workshops etc.


  • Very noisy in operation.
  • Power consumption is highest as compared to other coolers.

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6. SHSTFD Evaporative Air Cooler

SHSTFD Evaporative Air Cooler

SHSTFD MINI EVAPORATIVE AIR COOLER is a small air cooling unit, that can be used as personal air cooler on study table, near bed or on office desk. Its humidifier nature moistens the air for you and makes you feel cool.

It has 420ml of water tank that can last upto 4-6hrs providing you long lasting cooling. Also, it has a water level indicator and provision of automatic stopping of humidification when tank runs out of water. Its adjustable air outlet upto 120° in up-down direction cools your whole body effectively. And speed adjustment switch lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice.

It has a very light weight of 1.95pounds and comes in very small size of 9.56”Hx5.7”Wx3.1”L. This enables you to shift it from one place to other easily with your one hand only. SHSTFD provides you warranty of 1year, so run your personal cooler freely.

Key Considerations:

  • Requires 24V DC power for its operation, hence suitable when power cut is there.


  • It has a very affordable price.
  • Produces very low or no noise during operation.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Light weight hence easy to port.


Cooling is only felt when you sit next or very close to it.

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7. Yescom Evaporative Cooler

Yescom Evaporative Cooler

YESCOM is popular for providing customer satisfaction on their home products at reasonable prices. Yescom Evaporative Portable Air Cooler is sleek and compact design air cooler. It works as 2-in-1 function air cooler which works like an air cooler and a humidifier. It can cool the area upto 90-180sq.ft. that allows you to cool your rooms and halls. It has high density cooling pads that provides you enhanced cooling effect.

It has an airflow of 300cubic-metre/hr that reaches to far end of your room. But provision of speed regulation as low(7.5m/s), medium(8m/s) or high(10m/s), allows you to control air flow according to your need.It also has 120° left-right auto swing louvers that covers whole area between both walls of your room. However, manual up-down louvers are also there to adjust blowing air direction, as per your need. It has water tank capacity of 7litres that makes it run for longer time.

It also has 7.5hrs timer function that allows for its unattended operation. Yescom cooler is made of ABS plastic which is very durable and has size of 24”Hx11.25”Wx11”L. It has low weight of only 12pounds, and 4 heavy duty castor wheels on base makes you easily shift it from one room to other. Yescom provides you 30days of return warranty on your purchase.

Key Considerations

  • It also has a remote-control feature which makes it easy for you to operate.
  • It has half detachable water tank, that allows you to fill it easily.
  • Provision of switch fixes the water tank in cooler, making it water spill free for you.
  • Natural, normal and sleeping air modes are there to provide comfort you need.
  • Power rating of only 65watt makes it energy efficient.
  • Noise levels are less than 60db but may be disturbing in operation.


  • Humidifier nature increases moisture content during dry season.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Covers wide area to cool due to 120degree louver adjustment.
  • Small in size hence requires small space.


  • Not effective to use in larger rooms.
  • Noisy in operation.
  • Does not have a water level indicator.

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How To Select A Good Evaporative Air Cooler?

Buying a good air cooler makes the summers easy and comfortable. You must be wondering which air cooler is best for you, isn’t it? Don’t worry we have your answers with us, just go through the following factors you should consider while buying your air cooler and you will end up deciding the right features you want in your air cooler:

1. Effective Area of Cooling:

Always read the cooling area specification written on model description. It will ensure that cooler you are buying is sufficient to cool your required area.

Like for cooling garages, workshops or halls you need larger cooling area cooler while for a smaller or average sized room a low cooling area cooler will work.

Also keep in mind that cooling area of cooler you are buying must be greater than or equal to area you want to cool.

2. Cooling Pads Used:

When water wets the cooling pads and air is passed through it the cold water absorbs heat from air and makes it cool and cooler then delivers you the cold air. So, there are two cooling pads available in the market:

They are high density cooling pads, made of cellulose and look like a honey comb in structure. They provide more cooling compared to other cooling pads available. They are highly efficient and durable but expensive in cost.

  • Aspen or wood wool cooling pads:

They look like grasses in structure and provide less cooling as compared to honey comb cooling pads. They are economic in cost but less durable and less efficient.

3. Power Consumption by Air Cooler:

Initial cost of air cooler is one-time expenditure, but the running cost of cooler is lifetime expenditure and matters a lot.

So, if you come across two same features air coolers but different power ratings, always go with one which consumes less power irrespective of their prices.

However, area you want to cool also decides power consumption as power consumption of cooler increases with increase in cooling area of cooler.

4. Water Tank Capacity:

As the area you want to cool increases the required water tank size also increases. Hence, selecting the cooler with required tank capacity will prevent you getting tired from filling the water tank frequently.

5. Water Level Indicator And Empty Tank Alarm:

Water level indicator tells you the amount of water present in the cooler. As it reaches the minimum level the empty tank alarm notifies you to fill the tank again with water.

This feature saves motor of the cooler from getting damage on running water free. However, addition of these two features makes the cooler more costly.

6. Speed Control NOB:

Generally, all the air coolers have this feature. This allows you to regulate the flow of air you want by increasing or decreasing the speed of fan. Three speeds on which cooler runs are low, medium and high speed.

7. Remote Control Feature:

If you remain too busy and can’t get to your cooler every time you wish to change its setting. Then this is the right feature for you as it allows you to control your cooler from the distance with the help of a remote just like you control your AC or TV. However, addition of this feature increases the cost of air cooler.

8. Air Swing Delivery System:

This feature ensures the reach of air blown by cooler in all the directions of your room. Air cooler comes with oscillation of 40°, 70°, 120° etc. and as the degree of oscillation increases the range of air blown also increases.

If you have a large room or area to cool buy the cooler with higher degree of oscillation.

9. Timer Function:

The timer function allows you to program your cooler for uninterrupted running. And when the set time is reached it automatically gets switch-off.

Coolers come with maximum timer function of 15hrs or 7.5hrs, you can select the one which suits you best. But, coolers with this feature are little expensive.

10. Wheels at Base:

Castor wheels present at base, helps in mobilizing the air coolers easily. And you can cool different areas of your home by mobilizing the cooler to those areas without much effort.

Advantages of Evaporative Air Coolers:

  • Cost effectiveness – Evaporative air coolers cost very less as compared to AC’s but still provide effective cooling.
  • Energy efficient – They use less electricity compared to AC’s, and provide you effective cooling with reduced electricity bill.
  • Eco-friendly – They don’t use harmful refrigerants to provide cooling, they just cool the natural air from atmosphere making it ecofriendly for you and your family.
  • Humidifier – They are great humidifier in dry or semi-arid regions as they increase the moisture content in air they blow.
  • Easily Portable – Wheels present at their base allows you to shift them to your desired area.

DisAdvantages of Evaporative Air Coolers:

  • Less effective in humid areas – Less effective in humid and coastal areas as they cannot add moisture into the air any more.
  • High Maintenance – Motors and fans of the coolers are prone to rust and damage and hence proper maintenance is required.
  • Regular Filling of Tank – Once the water gets empty in the tank, you need to refill it which most people find tiresome to do. The problem gets worse if you live in a drought full area.
  • Noise – The running of motor to blow the air produces lot of sound which may seem noisy and may disturb you.

Some Closing Tips To Consider

As you have gone through our buying guide of evaporative air coolers, what you now need to do is to select from the above features you need in your air cooler. The answer depends upon the climatic conditions you live in, the size or area you want to cool, do you want to shift your cooler regularly, do you need remote control feature and various other features. But as the list of features added keeps increasing, the cost of your cooler will also increase. However, having more features is worthy than having a less feature cooler.

SO, HESSAIRE MC37 is our recommendation to go for because of its strong air flow and large effective cooling area which is greater than any other brand. It also has the largest water tank capacity among all the brands mentioned here which lets it run for long hours and provides you cooling effectively and continuously.

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