The Inspiring Story of An Old Watch and Self-Worth

The Inspiring Story of An Outdated Watch and Self-Value (Highly effective Motivational Speech)

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KNOW YOUR WORTH (Motivational Speech) – Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speaker: Josiah Ruff

The Inspiring Story of An Outdated Watch and Self-Value (Highly effective Motivational Speech) – by Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE:

Transcript – The Inspiring Story of An Outdated Watch and Self-Value

I need to share an important story with you right this moment. It’s a narrative I believe everybody ought to hear.

Earlier than he died, a father stated to his son;

“Here’s a watch your grandfather gave me… It’s nearly 200 years outdated. Earlier than I give it to you, go to the jewelry retailer within the metropolis. Inform them that I need to promote it, and see how a lot they give you.”

The son went to the jewellery retailer, got here again to his father, and stated; “They supplied $100 as a result of it’s so outdated.”

The daddy stated; “Effectively, strive the pawnshop.”

The son went to the pawnshop, got here again to his father, and stated; “The pawnshop supplied solely $20 as a result of it has a scratch”

The daddy requested his son to go to the museum and present them the watch.

The son quietly questioned his father’s judgement, however nonetheless, keen to behave on his final needs he went to the museum, when he got here again he stated to his father; “The curator supplied $375,000 for this very uncommon piece to be included of their treasured vintage assortment.”

The daddy responded;

“I needed to indicate you that the correct place will worth you in the correct method. Don’t end up within the unsuitable place and get offended as a result of you aren’t valued. By no means keep in a spot the place somebody doesn’t see your worth otherwise you don’t really feel appreciated.”

In case you don’t know your worth, you’ll all the time accept far lower than you deserve.

Individuals who don’t know their worth accept lower than they’re value. In relationships. Relating to their occupation… or their job… or their friendships… They know they’re value extra, however they accept another person’s definition of their value.

You see… that’s the distinction between MOST PEOPLE and the few.

 That’s the distinction between individuals who LOVE the life they’ve created for themselves and those that CAN’T STAND the life they’re residing.


MOST individuals will permit nearly anybody to affect their notion of themselves… However individuals who love their life refuse to simply accept the opinions of small minded individuals.

They refuse to be put in a BOX. They won’t be outlined by anybody however themselves.

 They know their worth is about by themselves, by their personal ideas about who they’re, NOT another person’s opinion of what they’re value.

Don’t allow them to put a worth on you! You set your personal worth!

 And don’t go giving reductions to different individuals so you’ll be able to slot in or be preferred… Folks pleasers by no means find yourself pleased in the long run. Put your self FIRST.

You need to construct your self-worth by the WORK you do day by day… on your self.

You construct it by the way in which that you simply present up EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Day in, day trip, no excuses, no shortcuts, only a relentless dedication to be the very best that they are often.

If in case you have somebody in your life that tries to decrease your skills in ANY WAY… The time has come to maneuver these individuals alongside.

It’s time to awaken that a part of you that DEMANDS MORE FOR YOUR LIFE.

As a result of ONLY YOU KNOW what you’re actually able to.

It’s time to get up and SHOCK THE WORLD!

Shock those who doubted you with a disturbing stage of dedication.

Shock those who doubted you with a dedication to excellence that can not be matched by these of weak coronary heart.

Shock those who doubted you with the actions you’re taking right this moment as you draw a line within the sand and decide to turning into the particular person NO ONE thought you would be.

As a result of ONLY YOU KNOW what you’re TRULY able to.

On this world you solely should earn the respect of 1 particular person… that particular person is YOU.

You establish the extent you demand of your self.

It’s time to DEMAND MORE!

It’s time to show as soon as and for all, WHO. YOU ARE.

WHO you’ll change into!

And what you’ll by no means accept once more.

Increase your requirements. RISE UP to a better stage… and let NO ONE query YOUR INTEGRITY once more.

DAY BY DAY. BRICK BY BRICK. You begin NOW. You construct the foundations via the SELF-WORK you place in each, single, day.

 Construct your self up, to change into an unbreakable power… an unstoppable machine

Fueled by the outcomes you get, from the work you place in right this moment, and day by day… from at the present time till your final.

NO MORE will you accept the opinions of others. NO MORE will you accept another person’s opinion of YOUR VALUE. NOW YOU decide YOUR VALUE.

By YOUR self-work, YOUR self-education and YOUR self-determination of YOUR OWN future.

The future that’s in YOUR HANDS.


You realize what it’s a must to do!

The time for change IS NOW!

TODAY is the day.
Relating to your personal SELF-WORTH…


Know your value… and NEVER, EVER settle for something much less..

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