With Amazon Prime Day moving to October, look for a ton of holiday savings

According to a series of leaked emails first spotted by Business Insider, Amazon officials are considering moving the company’s annual Prime Day sales event back from the summer to sometime in October. The unorthodox move makes sense as the company has reportedly been struggling with supply chain issues and other market forces caused by the global pandemic and its related rippling social and economic effects.

Previously there had been much speculation and several reports that Amazon would push the Prime Day festivities back into September, but as that month quickly approaches, it seems that was a bit of wishful thinking on the part of many. It’s hard to imagine Prime Day getting pushed back any further than October, what with the fall shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday leading into a shorter holiday season in 2020 than in years prior.

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Amazon launched Prime Day back in 2015 as a way to generate increased interest, traffic, and sales during the slower summer months. Since that time, it has become a hugely popular shopping that the company claims is even more valuable than its Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. For the first few years, it was only on one day, but in 2018 it was expanded to 36 hours, and then last year, it was expanded even further to 48 hours. While the deals are exclusive to Prime members, those who want to participate can still get a free 30-day trial to test the waters.

Be sure to follow our continuing coverage of Amazon Prime Day on Android Central for further details.

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