The 7 Best Black Light Bulbs Reviews and Buying Guide

Be it for a fun-filled party or you are shooting a kickass video, a backlight is of the essence. Relatively new phenomena, backlights have revolutionized the way we display the fun we have. These neon lights will add a certain aesthetic and bright glowly design to your overall living or party space when in dark.

In this article, we are listing down some of the best and top-rated backlights to buy online. These lights are picked on the basis of their merits and quality factors. Be sure to check for these factors before you are buying one They are:

  • Type of the bulb: The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a backlight bulb is the type of bulb you are buying. Generally, black light bulbs are available in 3 bulb types (incandescent, fluorescence and LED)  and 2 different types based on fixtures ( Wall fixture and socket fixture). These bulbs are also available in a handheld format that is perfect for party usage etc.,
  • Size of the space you are using the bulb: For bodypaint usage or just normal small personal parties, a short-range is okay. But if you are buying the bulb for long-range use cases for small rooms to large halls, for outdoor ranges, you would need the light range to be higher than normal. This light reaches can range from about 5 meters to 10 meters or sometimes higher as well
  • Light intensity: A self-explanatory feature, the intensity of the light need not be as high as a normal everyday bulb; but the intensity needs to be enough to be able to reflect the paint or anything that needs to glow out. The range of the light is about 385 nm to about 400 nm.
  • Fixture: This kind of boils back to the type of light bulb but is more focussed on how easy is the bulb to be fixed onto a circuit. General LED style bulbs can be fixed onto a bulb socket but there are other forms of fixtures available for the backlight bulbs as well. These fixtures are stripes, series and a few are hand-held direct lights as well. Choose according to your need

Be sure to check for the above-mentioned factors while choosing a backlight bulb on your own. We have considered them while picking up the products for the below list. Let’s go and check out our list for the best backlight bulbs to buy online

7 Best Black Light Bulbs

7 Best Black Light Bulbs Reviews

1. Onforu 15w UV LED Black Light Bulb 

onforu light

First, on our list, we have the Onforu UV LED Backlight bulbs. These are a set of 15 watt normal looking light bulbs but with UV backlight for their fluorescence. They are some of the highest-rated bulbs there are on our list,.

Top Features:

  • 15-watt bulbs in a traditional design schema that can easily fit down in your average bulb socket
  • Has a very high lifetime of operation ranging from more than 50,000 hours of life and power efficiency
  • Can project the light in 120 degrees of the wide-angle spread of the light. This is sufficient to cover a painting room or a particular spot at a party
  • Safelight wavelength of about 385 nm to about 400 nm. This is safe for usage for the human skin
  • Reactive to fluorescent paints etc., the light will illuminate any reactive pigments such as body paints and dyes. This is great also for neon-colored objects as well.
  • Great for parties, clubs, Halloween decors, Christmas, and many more occasions.

Warranty: No warranty has been specified for these bulbs


  • Could have done with a warranty clause

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2. Leciel UV LED Black Light

LECIEL light

Next, up on our list is a series of handheld direct UV LED backlights. The LECIEL UV backlight is a portable backlight with a meager 10 watts power rating. Furthermore, the series design makes it great for a handheld device as well

Top Features:

  • V-Shaped backlights in 2 rows. Premium quality bulbs used for maximum output efficiency.
  • The total UV wavelength range for the light stands between the range of 395 nm to about 400 nm of the overall UVA level.
  • Easily powered by a power bank as well. You can also connect the USB to a DC power adapter and plug it into an AC socket as well.
  • Comes with a large 5.9 feets long power cord and an inline power switch for on and off.
  • It can be switched between 2 different levels of brightness according to the occasion.
  • Great for body paintings, glow parties, clubs, Halloween celebrations, and basic home or lab use as well.
  • High-end optical lens used in it. These are very bright even though the size of the bulbs are small
  • Super light in weight for handling
  • Has a total of 120 degrees of wide-angle

Warranty: LECIEL provides you with a generous and massive 24 months of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention

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3. Onforu 7w UV LED Black Lights Bulb

onfor u light

Next up on our list, we have yet another ONforu UV LED backlight. This Onforu UV Light has a traditional bulb format rather than having a flat modern design like the Onforu bulb mentioned above. This facilitates a better reach of the light but at the same time, the bulb is low wattage as well.

Top Features:

  • 7 Watt UV backlight bulb which is a very desirable model for its very low budget
  • Has a very wide beam angle of 270 degrees. This allows for the backlight to cover entire rooms of paint and much more.
  • Ample wavelength is available from 385 nm low to about 400 nm high of the UVA level.
  • Highly reactive to almost all of the reactive paint pigments, dyes, and as such.
  • A great pick for Christmas parties, Halloween Parties and body pain festivities as well
  • Has an impressive 50,000 hours of long life and super high power efficiency
  • Value for money package as there are 2 bulbs available for a low premium price

Warranty: No warranty has been specified for this


  • Could have had a small warranty clause as well.

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4. Kingbo Black Lights Bulb

king bo light

Next up on our list, we have the Kingbo Black Light bulbs. A perfect party type styled lighting, the overall design schema of this bulb is a design theme. You will get a circular fashioned bulb setting with a grouped set of bulbs that will give disco feel to the room it’s been placed in.

Top Features:

  • 18 pieces of bulbs studded into a circular fashion for a large bulb semblance
  • Each of the bulbs has about 2 watts of power each combining to a total of 36 Watts overall
  • The optical lens in the bulb can have a rotational capacity of up to 120 degrees
  • Higher lumens per watt output than most of the typical backlight bulbs
  • High brightness and a great and advanced UVA spectrum of the range 395 nm to 400 nm in wavelength capacity.
  • Great for not just glow parties, disco retro but also for backlight poster displays, aquarium, and exotic dye lighting as well.
  • Greater heat dissipation through the upgraded PAR 38 aluminum cooling heat body.
  • It has a good management temperature even after 24 hours of continuous usage. Has a total of 50,000 + hours of longer lifespan than any average unbranded backlight
  • Large area coverage and no-nonsense setup

Warranty: Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and also a 30 days satisfaction guaranteed window (with 100% money back). They even have a 24 hours e-mail support available as well


  • None too specific to mention

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5. Prime Ultra Violet Blacklight 

prime blacklight

Next up on our list, we have a rather need-specific and tiny UV backlight. Perfect for investigative purposes, the Double Chip UV LED Backlight fixture comes with a gooseneck that makes it a good choice for looking things closely.

Top features:

  • 30% Brighter than average backlights used for focus lighting and close looking. Maybe even for checking counterfeit currency and other such security requirements as well.
  • Compact model and flexible in its design. The gooseneck really adds on to the overall design that makes it easier to bend it to examine minute things easily. The gooseneck goes on up to a length of 10 inches and foldable.
  • It only needs a 5V USB based input thus it makes it compatible even with your phone or a simple power bank or the laptop computer as well.
  • The base of the backlight is tabletop friendly and it actually even looks like a tabletop lamp as well.
  • The cable of the lamp is 55 inches long and thus can easily work away to be placed a great distance from its power source
  • It also has a small clip that enables you to clip it down to a surface. The clip has an opening of 1.25 inches width

Warranty: There is no mention of a warranty anywhere


  • Could have had a warranty clause
  • Not ideal for parties or large applications as such.

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6. Oppsk Black Light 

oppsk light

OPPSK backlight is a UV light that is built for parties and decors. It is a series studded light that can be placed on the floor or on a tabletop and swing about to any type of fashion for better effects

Top Features:

  • Large set up with a total of 27 watt power LED with each of the bulb taking about 3 watts of power each
  • Can easily light up rooms ranging to about 16 x 16 feet area in total.
  • Longer working time and needs no extra cooling fan to function for this long duration. Good heat dispersion as well.
  • 360 degrees adjustable brackets. The casings of the light are made out of aluminum alloy casings.
  • Has a total of 120 degrees swivel and wide angle. Very easy to install. Just plugin and use
  • It has a UV light ranging from 395 nm to 405 nm in total
  • Great for parties, festivities and general home decor during the night as well.

Warranty: There is no mention of warranty on this product.


  • Could have had a warranty window

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7. Sunlite Black Light Bulb 

sunlite black light

Finally, we have a typical CFL styled LED UV Light from Sunlite. The Sunlite 05439 SU CFL is a spiral styled backlight that easily fits into your traditional slot of the power. Furthermore, the design fits perfectly to turn any type of room into a disco or a party room.

Top Features:

  • Highly rated and reviewed backlight bulb.
  • 20 watts of power that emit an ultraviolet radiation UV-A of a wavelength range with a maximum limit of 463 nm. This is large and enough for lighting up most of the reactive surfaces with paints and dyes easily and refrains from lighting up other areas.
  • Great for glow effect creation and festive/celebratory lighting
  • Also perfect for detecting the security features on ID cards, currency or other such use cases as well
  • The bulb has a very long life of about 8,000 hours that would translate to about 7.3 years in total (if you use it about 3 hours per day maximum)
  • Highly tested and packed for better quality and safety
  • Available in packs of 1,3,6 or 8

Warranty:  No warranty is provided for the light bulb


  • They could have added a warranty window for it as well.

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While it does not have a warranty clause, it has a superior design and a great enough build quality. The Onforu UV LED backlights have great brand name to them while delivering a brilliant light quality.

These 15 watt bulbs have a great and traditional design scheme and a very large 50,000 hours of life along with good power efficiency. All of these factors make it a perfect party buy and make this the best backlight bulbs to buy online.

While that was our list, we would want to learn more about your picks and choices. Did you like our list? Or do you have any queries to ask us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. We will write back to you as soon as possible.

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