The 6 Best Fireplace Remote Control Reviews and Buying Guide

A remote-controlled fireplace is the very definition of the future being here. Electronically controlled fireplaces are all on the rage these days and they are far more convenient than having to light up a fire all by yourselves. Remote control devices are so robust that they can convert your ordinary-looking fireplaces to remote-controlled working

In this article, we are going to list down and review the best of the remote controls used for fireplaces. But how can you know if a certain type of fireplace remote control is fit for your use or not? Be sure to check for the following key factors before buying one.

  • Compatibility with your fireplace: Remotes are available in two models. A simple handheld controller that is bought for a specific fireplace model or entire remote control sets that are there to suit the different types of fireplaces easily.
  • Different Valve controls: A fireplace remote control comes with various options to control the different valves that are available in a fireplace. One of the major three types of valves available are
  • Millivolt Gas Valve: A common fireplace valve, this valve is compatible with a majority of remote controls. This valve helps in controlling the standing pilot burning. There is a receiver and a controller that will complete the circuit and help you control the power of the fireplace. If power is not present, the valve will automatically shut down the entire fireplace too.
  • Maxitrol: Touted to be the most precise type of control options, these valves will help in operating a defined certain servomotor. If your fireplace has this type of valve, it will let you not only control but also modulate and adjust the flames of the fireplace with greater precision
  • Latching Solenoid:These are valves controlled by solenoids or a type of electromagnet. While millivolt valves use electric current for control, latching solenoid valves do not need electric current all the time. When you use the remote control, the receiver will project a large amount of voltage that will aid in turning on the valves.
  • Ease of installation: The next important thing to consider is how easy it is to install the remote control. Most of the remote controls are universal in nature, they will simply require you to place the receiver in such a way for ignition, and then the remote will do the rest. But a few types of fireplaces are far too unique and would require special installation by technicians. Make sure that the remote control you’re buying is easily installable.
  • Range of control: Honestly, fireplace remotes do not have a lot of range. The very idea is to have enough range so that you can control the place from your living room or maybe a few rooms away. So you can expect the range of remote control to be about a few meters (10-15 feet maximum).
  • Versatility: Finally, do check how versatile your remote control is. This refers to what kind of features your remote has. A few remotes have mode based settings, a few can toggle the flame levels. There are even remotes that aid in pulling levers for adding more firewood to the fireplace as well. Look closely at the features given before making the purchase.

Those were some of the important factors that you need to take into consideration while buying a fireplace remote control. Now let us jump in and review some of the best of the lot

6 Best Fireplace Remote Control 

6 Best Fireplace Remote Control Reviews

1. Skytech Smart Stat III Fireplace Remote Control 

skytech 3 fireplace

First on our list is the original Skytech remote control that is easily the highest rated out of the lot. The remote control can be easily switched and placed to install easily as well.

Top Features:

  • The fireplace remote control comes with a wall holder and also, the 4 AAA batteries that it requires to run are available in the packaging itself.
  • Has smart stat II/ III units for toggling.
  • Highly user friendly in its design and usage
  • It can be controlled thermostatic based or even manually as well.
  • The remote has a range of about 20 meters
  • Uses non-directional signals for range assimilation
  • Pre-programmed with codes for operation and these can be accessed through the 8-bit digital display given on the remote control

Warranty: Comes with a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturers’ defects


  • None too specific to mention

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2. Ambient Technologies Fireplace Remote Control 

ambient remote control

Next on our list is a relatively simple yet highly user-friendly fireplace remote control thermostat setting device. The ambient thermostat fireplace remote control is small and compact and is highly reviewed and rated.

Top Features:

  • Simple featured remote control options such as power on; power off, automatic flame buttons etc.,
  • It can also control the relative temperature of the flames in the fireplace as well.
  • The remote can be connected to any of the standard types of millivolt gas valve systems
  • This remote has a total range of about 20 feet in any direction
  • Package includes a transmitter, a receiver box, a wall plate, a wall clip, attachment screws, 22 inches wires, velcro and of course, the 5 AAA batteries required (3 for the remote and 2 for the receiver)
  • Has a total of 16 security code settings pre-programmed into it.
  • Has a tiny blue backlit 8-bit screen on it that will let you know of the toggled changes

Warranty: The product comes with a massive 5 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • The screen is a tad bit smaller to view than other remote controls of the same range

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3 Robertshaw Fireplace Remote Thermostat Kit

roberstshaw control

Robertshaw 55644 is a universal fireplace remote control kit that has thermostatic sensory settings in it. This one might have a retro and basic design but has a very high and impressive battery life to it.

Top Features:

  • Automatic power on and off options with manual power options available as well.
  • Works fine with millivolt valves and also with 24 volt based fireplace gas valves as well.
  • Comes with temperature regulatory thermostat settings.
  • Toggle options available between Fahrenheit and Celcius and custom temperature can be set
  • Has a digital clock and also a timer setting as well
  • The low battery indicator on the screen for batteries replacement
  • Works on 4 AAA batteries (included in the packaging) and has a massive battery life of about 1335 hours

Warranty: 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • Could have slightly improved the range and sync quality

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4. Hearth Products Controls Fireplace Remote Control 

hearth products control

Hearth Products control acumen timer fireplace remote control comes with a special and specific child control lock feature. It can also be lauded for its impeccable sync quality and also sleek design schema as well.

Top Features:

  • The remote control features automatic on and automatic off along with a clear LCD display as well.
  • There is a LCD screen that displays and shows you the temperature of the room and also information about all the changes in temperature.
  • Other buttons on the remote include power, timer set up, up or down buttons, and automatic switches
  • There is a hidden child safety button that will lock the remote thus making it child friendly.
  • It functions on 4 AAA batteries and 2 AAA batteries are required for the receiver. All of them are included in the package
  • The box also includes the receiver box, a heat shield, the remote control, connecting wires, and an instruction manual as well
  • Very simple to use and set up as well.

Warranty: There is no mention of any manufacturer’s warranty on this product


  • No warranty provided
  • Not exactly universal

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5. Mn Warehouse Deals Fireplace Remote Control 

warehouse contreol

Next up, we have a rather simple and greatly straightforward fireplace remote control. The MN Warehouse Deals’ Majestic Monesan Vermont castings fireplace remote control has a basic on and off option.

Top Features:

  • Has a massive 30 feet operating distance that you can turn the fireplace on and off in any direction
  • This remote has child protection switch to the backside for better safety
  • 16 preprogrammed security codes
  • Easy battery access plate that can be used for mounting it on the wall easily as well. The black and white plates needed are included in the package
  • There is also a thermal safety shutdown feature inside it as well.
  • Functions on 4 AA batteries and they are included in the packaging.

Warranty: The remote control does not have any manufacturer’s warranty mentioned anywhere


  • No warranty available
  • There is no screen available on it for monitoring or toggling options
  • Could improve the sync options

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6. Real Fyre Remote Receiver/Transmitter Kit 

peterson fireplace

Finally, we have the Peterson real Fyre deluxe variable fireplace remote kit. This is not exactly a universal remote and is built for the 15 and 17 pilot models only.

Top Features:

  • The highly premium construction of plastic used and thus has good value
  • Comes with an automatic, power on and off feature buttons on the remote
  • There is also a flame height variable feature in it as well
  • User friendly and easy to set up and use
  • The nifty and small 8-bit screen can show the temperature and the on and off control situations as well

Warranty: Peterson Real Fyre Deluxe products are all covered with a generous 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty on all the parts from the date of purchase


  • Not a universal remote
  • Not a lot is known about the actual functionality of the remote

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Out of all the mentions in the list, the Skytech Smart Stat III fireplaces remote control seems to be the near-universal and perfect option to choose. It has a great user-friendly design, simple usage, 20 meters (or massive 65 feet) control range, non-direction assimilation signals, and automatic and manual thermostat setting as well. It has a large 8 bit display and most importantly, a lifetime limited warranty window as well

All of those features make it the best fireplace remote control to buy online. Now that you have seen our list, we would love to know what you think of it. Did you like it? Or do you want us to add or remove anything from it? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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