The 8 Best Solar Spotlights Reviews and Buying Guide

Spotlights or Path lights are gaining traction in recent years for homes with a backyard or a front yard. These lights are handy and when they are solar-powered, they become a one-time investment with a 0 electricity maintenance cost. 

Most of these lights are very easy to install and are mostly lights on sticks. That means that all you need to do is push a stick down on the ground and the installation is done. As they have their solar panels on top of them, they automatically charge and discharge thereby needing no maintenance at all. 

In this list today, we are going to talk about some of the best outdoor solar spotlights to buy. We have curated this list based on the merits and demerits of various choices. In all of them, we have taken the following three important points into consideration. 

  • The brightness of the lights

Given that these lights are mostly for spot or pathway landscape usage, you cannot expect high beams of brightness from them. Generally available brightness of these lights is about 800 lumens and usually, they have a 5k bright brightness. A few lights are available in warm light whereas a few are in plain white. Here, the choice is yours

The next important thing to consider is battery life. While the purpose of these lights is to be used as landscape, you would want the lights to be burning throughout the night. Thus the batteries of these lights, irrespective of their capacity, should hone the lights for about 8 hours or more duration. For this, most of the lights have at least 1000 mah battery. 

While the preferred mode is on the ground, a few of these lights are also available on the well suited as well. Single-mode operation lets you use the lights only for the front yard or back yard or anywhere on the ground. Dual-mode makes them useful for on the wall spotlights as well. 

Apart from these three factors, we have considered a wide range of other factors such as brand warranty, customer ratings and also, most importantly, the reviews for curating this list. 

Now without any further ado, let us jump in and review the best outdoor solar spotlights

Best Solar Spotlights

8 Best Solar Spotlights Reviews

1. Litom Solar Spotlights

litom solar spot ligbt

First on our list is the Litom 12 LED studded landscape spotlight. But unlike generic flicker style lights, LITOM has a highly focussed beam that makes it a spotlight for garden paths or as a landscape light. 

This light comes with 12 LED bulbs studded in and has 600 lumens of brightness. As for the wide-angle of illumination, it is 120 degrees and the bulb head can be adjusted to 90 degrees either way.

This light comes with a very high rechargeable 18650 lithium battery.  With quite a simple installation procedure of just dropping the stick inside the ground, the light is available in two light colors. Cold white and warm white

One light can go to as far as 6000k in brightness whereas the other can go up to 3.5k brightness. The light has two modes; One where the lights can be turned on for 12 hours of continuous light in low brightness mode. In high mode, the lights function for  6 hours. A day’s worth of charging in the sun is sufficient for either of the modes.

When the battery begins to deteriorate to low energy levels, the lights will automatically turn to low energy saving mode. The low energy mode is triggered by sensing the battery level and the brightness of the lamp.

Built from heat resistant and waterproof. the lights also are made out of high impact ABS plastic. This IP 65 waterproof material makes it simple and safe for outdoor usage.

You can also mount this light by the walls too. The lights have FCC, CE, MSDS and more quality certifications. LITOM gives you 45 days money-back guarantee and also 1.5 years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. 

What we liked about it

  • Dual-mode landscape lights that can be used for ground landscape and also on the walls too.
  • 12 LED bulbs studded landscape light
  • 1800 lumens brightness
  • Available in warm white (6000k) or cold white colors (3.5k brightness). Also available in multicolour variants
  • The low energy mode that will let the lights operate for 12 hours
  • 6 hours of operation in high power mode
  • Automatic power on and off
  • 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery
  • 45 days money back with 1.5 years of the manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

What we didn’t like about it

  • None too specific to mention about

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2. Hikeren Solar Spotlights


The Hikeren IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Spotlights comes with 30 LED bulbs studded to the. Easy to install, the light is good enough not just for a spotlight but also as a security light for the front door, decks, porches, garage or even yard.

Made out of high water and weatherproof IP65 material, the Hikeren lights also constitute of high impact ABS plastic which can withstand light storms, gusts, winds, rains and other such terrible weather.

Once charged to its brim in sunlight for 6.5 hours,  the light can be turned on and used for 18 hours straight thanks to its high capacity 4400 mAH battery. 

The light comes with a 16.4 feet long cable and can easily adapt a 180-degree adjustment. Thus even though it may look a bit different, it is quite easy to install in such a way that it can absorb the highest quantities of direct sunlight.

No need for plugging or wired setups, the lights are automatic in functioning. They need to be set up and they automatically charge up, power on and then automatically power down during the day and tune into charging mode. The solar panels in the light convert about 20% of the sunlight into electrical energy.

When there is not enough sunlight (like during the rainy or the snowfall season), the lights automatically get into low energy mode and try to absorb indirect sunlight and save energy by giving slightly low beam sunlight.

With great product quality and good certifications such as the FCC, CE, MSDS, UN38.3 and ROSH certifications, the solar landscape spotlight comes with a 60 days money back return window and also a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

What we liked about it

  • Has an IP65 Waterproof build
  • Can be rotated to 180° has a separable solar panel
  • 6.5 hours of charging time in the sun
  • 18 hours of battery life during the night
  • 4000 mAH battery capacity
  • Automatic turn on and off
  • 16.4 inches large cable for easy placement
  • 60 days return window and 3 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

What we didn’t like about it

  • Nothing particular to mention about

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3. Magicpro Perfectwo Solar Spotlights 


Next on our list is a multi-coloured landscape spotlight with a discoish lighting color scheme. The Perfectwo two in one adjustable LED light can be used not just as a landscape light but also as a wall light too. 

This solar light is also fully 180 degrees adjustable and be adjusted to optimal sides for greater solar light capture. The lights automatically turn on and turn off depending on the time of the day by sensing the light exposure. 

All the captured solar charge is stored within a 2,200 mAH large battery and this, after a day’s worth of solar charge, can give the lights 10+ hours of functioning time. It has two different functioning brightness modes. One is a high brightness mode and another is a low brightness energy-saving mode. 

With different focus modes and made out of durable weatherproof material, the lights are very easy and simple to install. They are rugged, durable, heat and waterproof. Though they are some of the highest-rated and well-reviewed products, we didn’t find any product warranty information about it.

What we liked about it

  • Multi-coloured adjustable LED spotlights 
  • 4 LED bulb studded in it
  • 180 degrees adjustable panel and light
  • Automatically turn on and off
  • 2,200 mAH large battery
  • 10+ hours of usage 
  • Weather and waterproof material build. 
  • 2 Modes of brightness

What we didn’t like about it

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4. Nekteck Solar Spotlights 


Nekteck is a classic design ground-based solar powered landscape spotlight. Available in 4 pack models, the light has an advanced 4th generation solar panels and lights used in it. 

Upgraded in its design, the lights employ an advanced 200 lumens bright LED bulbs in their lights for an optimized and high bright light at night. This gives your pool area, garden area or anywhere you place the light a superior brightness level. 

Nektech’s solar lights can withstand any range of rain, snow or frost and gives you a long-lasting performance under most of the weather conditions. These lights come with 2 brightness modes. One is the always turned on mode whereas the other is the automatic power mode. 

In the always-on mode, it provides you with a high brightness light for 6 to 10 hours lighting power on full charge whereas, with the low energy mode, it can run for longer. The lights have a dusk to dawn sensors which will automatically switch off the lights when the sun is up and switch to charging mode. 

With their adjustable light and solar panels, you can tilt the lights to 180 degrees or other forms to get maximum sunlight for the panel. Even the panel can be moved up to 90 degrees for more sunlight or as such to increase the solar conversion of the panels up to 20%. 

Easy to install and use, the lights come with a 90-day money-back window and a massive 2 years purchase warranty along with lifetime customer support

Things we liked about it

  • Landscape light that is available in 4 pack units
  • 4th gen solar light technology
  • 200 lumens brightness
  • Weather and waterproof
  • 2 brightness modes (steady light and low energy mode)
  • 6 to 10 hours of brightness depending on the mode of usage
  • Dusk to dawn sensors that will switch the device on and off for function and for charging too
  • 180 and 90 degrees tilting available
  • 20% max solar power conversion
  • 90-day money-back window and 2 years of purchase warranty with lifetime support

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Nothing specific to mention

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5. Lozayi Solar lights Outdoor


Lozayi’s solar-powered light has a unique design and a spotlight of a hanging model than something that can be used for landscaping. The light comes studded with 12 high powered LED bulbs to it.

Designed with a separate on and off switch, this light also has a remote control. With a 5 meters long wire that separates the actual light from the solar panel, you can set up the light where you find solar lighting convenient. The solar panels are made out of FET laminated polycrystalline silicon thus come with great promise

The panels can be adjusted to a wide angle of 270 degrees to suit your solar panel placement requirements. Under direct and strong sunlight, the charging time taken for the panels is about 7 hours. This can be stored in an 18650 lithium-ion battery.

With a full charge, the light can function for a whole of 16 hours that means that for the whole night and a little more. Thus great enough for indoor usage as well. 

Made modern yet having a contemporary classic look, the retro metal shades of the lights can mean that they don’t just look good on the front porch but can also be used as bed lights or study lights as well. 

The best part about the light has to be the intuitive remote control using which you can turn on the light, control the brightness and also turn it off with a timer as well.

Made out of high-quality IP 65 Weatherproof and water-resistant material, the light comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Things we liked about it

  • Unique indoor/outdoor design
  • Metal built FET laminated polycrystalline silicon solar panel
  • 270 degrees rotatable wide angle 
  • 18560 lithium-ion battery for 16 hours function
  • 12 LED bulbs per light 
  • IP 65 water-resistant 
  • Remote control available
  • 5 meters long cable from panel to light
  • 1-year manufacturers’ warranty

Things we didn’t like about it

  • The model is not suited to be a pathway light

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6. Leknes Solar Spotlights 

solar yard

Much like the LITOM and Perfectwo ground landscape and wall dual-mode lights, the Leknes spotlights lights too come with a similar design. It has a total of 19 LED bulbs to the light. 

In its two working modes, one is the simple steady light mode of high intensity which will keep the lights on throughout the night at high beams. The second is the low dim mode which will save energy by providing low beam light. 

With its darkness sensor, the lights automatically switch on and off when the dusk or dawn rises. During the day time, they automatically change to charging mode. For this light, a 6 to 8 hours of charging can fill in the battery for a 6 hours high light mode and about 12 hours of dim light mode. 

Much like most of the lights of this design, this light is also usable in 2 modes. The garden landscape mode and the other is the wall mount mode.

Made out of high quality IP X4 ABS waterproof plastic material, the lights are built for any type of weather outcomes. It has a good illumination and panel with good wide angle. Easy to install and use, the product does not have any warranty literature but has good reviews and ratings. 

Things we liked about the light

  • Simple dual mode landscaping spotlight available in 2 lights
  • Runs in two modes. One is the high intensity mode (6 hours) and the other is the low intensity dim mode (12 hours)
  • IPX4 Weatherproof build material
  • Dual mode usage for landscaping and wall mount too

Things we didn’t like about it

  • No warranty
  • Could have had better battery literature

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7. Dinglilighting Solar Spotlights


Red in their light color, next on our list is a straight stick landscape light by Dinglilighting with a completely flexible solar panel wide angle.

The light has an automatic power feature which will turn on the light automatically at dusk and turn it off at daw. At dawn, the light’s solar panel automatically switches to charging mode. 

On a 7 hours full charge, the light can work for 8 hours in high brightness. For this, the light has a 2,200 mAH capacity strong battery. The lights are made out of strong waterproof material for withstanding any rain or snow.

With a red colored LED lighting, the solar light can also be used for wall mounting as well instead of just landscape garden pathways. The panels can be turned in for about 360 degrees directions and it comes with a 3 meter long cable between the light and the panel.

The product comes with a 24 months manufacturer’s warranty and a pretty decent customer support and replacement windows as well.

Things we liked about it

  • Simple plug and use model LED based solar powered landscape lights
  • Red coloured LED
  • 2,200 mAH capacity battery
  • On 7 hours of solar charge, can run for 8 hours in high brightness
  • 3 meters long cable between light and panel
  • 360 degrees adjustable panel
  • Dual mode for the landscape pathway mode and for walls too
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Things we didn’t like about it

  • Nothing specific to mention about

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8. Innogear Solar Spotlights 

inno gear

Last on our list is the InnoGear 6 LED solar landscape spotlight. Unlike their other landscape light with 4 LED lights, this one is a rectangular shaped 6 LED bulb beads studded landscape light.

All of the bulbs are high power and have a stronger focus compared to many of the dim divergent lights. These lights come with dual brightness lighting modes. One is the energy saver dim beam mode with 6 to 10 hours of working time whereas the high beam mode has about 4 to 6 hours of working time.

Easy to install, much like most of the stick models, all you need to do is to drive the stick down to the ground and you are good to go. The lights even turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn by switching to charging mode. 

The panels used in the light are made out of monocrystalline silicon which have a very high energy efficiency. With a 6k brightness, the light has a 2,200 mAH battery for storing the charge.

Made out of IP 65 Waterproof and heatproof materials, the lights are FCC, CE, MSDS, RoHS certified but it does not provide any manufacturer’s warranty on the product which is a bummer even as it has good reviews. 

Things we liked about it

  • 6 LED highly focussed light design
  • Dual brightness working modes. 
  • 10 hours on low beam and 6 hours of working on high beam with its 2,200 mAH battery
  • Automatic on and automatic turn off
  • 6k brightness
  • IP 65 Waterproof build material

Things we didn’t like about it

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After reviewing and understanding a large chunk of products, the LITOM’s Solar Spotlights are the best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights to buy

With their 12 LED studded design, 600 lumens of brightness and high quality build material, automatic energy level maintenance, 45 day money back window and a 1.5 year warranty all collude to make it the best.

While those were our picks, we are interested in hearing out your choices. Did you like our list? Or did we miss out on anything? Do you want us to add or remove something from it? Or do you have any questions for us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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